White Cloud Healing Method


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There is indeed a visualization method where you conjure up the image of a white cloud approximately 3 feet above your head. Maintain the image and command it to cleanse your body of negative energy, as if it has the suction ability to extract them. If the cleansing is properly done, you should feel blockages in your body being removed, and physically you should feel the biting sensations around the more sensitive parts of your face and your arms and fingers as the impurities are being siphoned off.


When the cloud has done its job of cleansing, it should become heavy and grey instead of shining white. What then should we do to end the visualization and clear away the saturated cloud? You can visualize the bright sun shining on the grey cloud and melting it away.

Also, allow the imagery rays of the golden sunlight to bask you for a while after clearing away the grey cloud. They serve the purpose of not only rejuvenating and replenishing you but also mend whatever auric holes or indentations resulted from the blockages being removed.


For those who are yet uninitiated in the nuances of energy healing, you still can attempt to imagine a white cloud above your head, and mentally will it to heal you. If the method works, you would feel pricking sensations on your body.


When you are more proficient in working with the cloud method, you can also use it to cleanse other people by willing it above their heads. Or, if you are more ambitious, you can project it many sizes larger than a house to clean it.


Can also use it as an object of focus during meditation while it serves the purpose of purifying your body.



Anthony Leong

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