What to do when you see ghosts?


In case you do have the misfortune of being confronted by one, first do not panic.  Next, do not try to run away, because they are composed of the energy body and travel faster than you do. A word of advice – when you do encounter ghosts try to keep calm.  When we are frightened, our energy field becomes diffused and scattered; it opens us up to being seized by these discarnate beings.

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What you could do to protect yourself is to point your index and middle fingers at the ghost,  with your third and small fingers forming a loop with your thumb, and shout at the top of your voice “Go Away or Begone” or simply “Boom” as you retreat yourself calmly from the haunted place.

Or, if you’re religious belief does not forbid you to do so, you could chant loudly and repeatedly the universal mantra of Om, or “Om Ah Hum” or even Om Mani Padme Hum. Or, say your prayers according to whichever your religious faith with a calm and authoritative voice.  Or, you may visualize a laser jet of brilliant white light emitting from your two fingers and blasting away at the ghost.  This may scare it away, especially if you  do not have the spiritual attainment of a Master,   rather than keeping your finger crossed and hovering in fear.

Another word of caution:  do not push your luck by even jokingly invite the company of ghosts.   Once my friend Ken and I were in Tanjung Pinang, an Indonesian island,   and having dinner in one of the cooked food centers there.  Ken was the first one to sense that there were some strayed spirits lurking around and I jestingly told Ken that I wished to invite one to join us for dinner.  Ken reprimanded me on-the-spot for saying such things.  On the night when we went back to our hotel, our sleep was disturbed by shrieking screams of a female ghost who dared not come near us.

It is also believed that the wearing of certain amulets or talismans would protect you against ghosts.  Also, some also feel that certain stones, especially quartz,   can offer the same protection.  The other powerful stones include Tektite,  Black Tourmaline, Jet, Black Obsidian, and onyx.  Personally, I understand that stones have a varying degree of electromagnetic radiation.  When they are worn on our body, they serve to strengthen our body energy vibration, sort of casting a protective shield over us.

Amulets and talismans are similarly charged with strong vibrations by their makers – monks and priests alike, and they serve the same purpose as the stones.  At my level, I am able to magnetize stones and any objects to confer upon them stronger radiation by using my energization method or by chanting of mantras.

Extracts From My Book: Mystical Journey Into The Unknown  https://psychictavern.com/2015/06/16/218/

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