What is Negative Energy and its relationship with Chinese system of Yin and Yang.


The concept of excessive negative energy is explained by the Chinese tradition (Yi Jing 易经or the Book of Change) as an imbalance of Yin (Negative) and Yang (Positive), with the dominance of Yin over the Yang.  So Yin is the direct opposite of Yang and if it is overriding it will deplete the Yang energy further, affecting the life force and luck cycle, even causing ill health and unexplained life-threatening accidents.

Abandoned buildings have excessive Yin energy, and may be infested with Yin entities such as ghosts and low spirits that are attracted to the Yin energy. In location and premises, the strong presence of Yin (negative) energy will show up in ever lingering of cold and chilling temperature,  damp atmosphere and poor lighting, bringing about dense and depressive feeling, and draining away that vital life force.  Too much clutter at home,  with drawn up curtains blocking the sunlight,  dampness in the atmosphere are also examples where excessive Yin energy can be built up over a period of time.

An individual with excessive Yin energy will give the impression of a dark sided person, sinister in appearance, often stiff and unsmiling and with unfathomable character and bizarre behavior.

Items with excessive Yin Energy are unpleasant to touch, cold and with prickly sensations.  They may cause other discomforts when in contacts, such as nauseating sensation, dizziness, or unexplained bodily paints.  I often advise people to be careful when buying second-hand items from pawn shops such as Rolex watches.  We really do not know who their previous owners are and whether they have met with other misfortune that might have led them to dispose of their valuables. The negative vibrations of misfortune act like a computer program and remain etched in these items and affect adversely the new owners unless they are overwritten and cleansed with stronger cleaner energy.

Excessive Yin energy may be present in physical location/building, items, and individuals and it has a definitive reason to account for its existence.  I will discuss in detail how the excess of Yin energy over the Yang energy affects our homes and some recommendations on how to counter it.

Yin Energy in Buildings and Houses

In a building, the excessive Yin energy will appear in the presence of a cold and chilling temperature.     Long-term exposure to this Yin energy might lead to a low spirit, unexplained mood swing, poor health, wounds that refuse to be healed and declining health.  Common problems include arthritis, bone-related problems, impotence or woman problems. (Though they might not be directly attributable to adverse effects of Yin energy) .

It may affect luck and fortune cycles, causing family disharmony, extra-marital affairs, domestic violence and decline of family status and wealth.  It may also encourage the presence of unscrupulous and scheming persons in the family or increase the frequency of accidents.

Family living in Yin infested building is likely to be dominated by female members who are prone to foul tempers, quarrelsome and fluctuating moods.  Male members are likely to prefer to stay away from homes while some may go astray by having extra-marital affairs.

Pets in homes with Yin heavy energy would behave abnormally – dog’s frequent and unexplained barking cats startling and dashing around wildly, birds fluttering uneasily in their cages.

How To Overcome Negative Energy

Improve Lighting in homes, open up all windows to circulate air and bring in sunlight.  Avoid too much greenery in the compound, or too many indoor plants at home.  In places where the feeling of Yin is most apparently heavy, install sodium light bulbs that remain lit for 24 hours.

Once in awhile, have the whole house cleaned/mopped with water mixed with small portions of sea salt.  The frequent smudging of the whole house with sandalwood or Kemayan incense is also one recommended measure.

A kitchen is a place belonging to the Yang fire and it is good to cook and eat frequently at home.  A large gathering of family members having the meal together is encouraged as the presence of many people will increase the Yang energy.

Houses with fewer occupants or those that remain unoccupied for a prolonged period are likely to have an imbalance of Yin and Yang,  with the excessive presence of the negative Yin.   One possible solution is to keep pet dogs in these houses and their running about in the premises would generate flow in the energy and help balance the Yin and Yang combination.

For Chinese families especially those who are Buddhist or Taoist, they are encouraged to display statues of Buddha or other Taoist Deities.  Playing a recording of Buddhist mantras will also help to keep negative energy at bay.

For those houses facing the inauspicious direction of hospital, cemeteries or police stations, it is advisable to resort to Feng Shui solutions such as hanging convex Bagua mirrors or chimes with six or eight metal rods in front of their houses affected by these adverse Yin structures.   Similarly, it is preferred to display at high up places the Chinese compass in living rooms, or the Chinese Wulu, or gourd.

Another recommended solution to have some red color (Colour of Yang fire)  furniture and fittings in the house with excessive Yin,  such as having red curtains,  carpets or sofa sets.

Keeping natural quartz and mineral stones will also help strengthen the Yang energy in the house and help balance and reduce the adverse influence of Yin.  One highly recommended crystal is the Amethyst (its purple belongs to the element of the Yang fire), preferably in the formation of geode,  or clusters.

In a situation where individuals feel overwhelmed by the presence of Yin energy, be it at home or outside their houses, they may learn to chant some mantra such as Om,  Om Ah Hum, or Om Mani Padme Hum.  For those belonging to other faith and religious denominations, they may use their own prayers.


By Anthony Leong

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