What is Magic?

The word Magic has captivated people for centuries and being revered as miraculous and mysterious. I suppose Magic has been often been construed in the context that one must belong to some respectable and traditional institutions, or groups to be called a practitioner of magic.  Schools, Sects, and Religions organizations have been formed and perpetuated, each jealously guarding its Secrets of Magic at the exclusion of others.

Like it is fashionable to say one is Wiccan, a Pagan or a Wizard – some high priest or priestess or belonging to some ancient guilds.  If you tell them you are not affiliated to any one of these,  you are looked upon as a phony of sorts.  Stripped them to the basics, these institutionalized Secrets Of Magic are universal knowledge attainable by all, at the different level of understanding and attainment. There should be no proprietary rights to these sacred learning.

I do not buy the idea that some acclaimed high priest or priestess , or reputed monks, can keep on telling people how good they are with their incredible visionary and insightful powers, ability to see ghosts and gods, deities or guides and angels, but is unwilling to impart their knowledge or demonstrate that beyond dubious psychic claims he can actually manifest energy to teach liberally and to heal generously

In this era of New Age, there will be more and more individuals who have decidedly walked the path by their own. And, they might be facing mounting obstacles on their learning curve because they are not associated with any of these structured organizations or traditional schools and have no doors to turn to. Collectively, what I am trying to say we must not be too proud to hold each other hands and help each other to progress.  This is the spirit upon which  New Age movements  are moving on

I too can invoke energies, channel them for defensive and offensive purposes and perform some degree of remote healing but because I do not affiliate myself to any of these established religions, institutions or guilds, and like those many others in my category, we are regarded with skepticism/suspicions and kept away at the fringe.

Though I do not self-proclaimed that I  practice Magic per se,  but I am seriously involved with the other Ms : –

(1) Meditation and Meditation,

(2) Mind Focusing/Materialization of Thoughts

(3) Management/Manipulation of Mechanics of Energies.

By Anthony Leong

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