Drawing Energy With Physical Object Gourd

I have mentioned about the energy orb, an etheric conjuration to help drain off negative energies from our body for the healing purpose.

For those who have difficulty in visualizing an energy orb, I recommend using a physical object as a suction device to achieve the same purpose. Now, for those who have seen Chinese magic and sword fight films with the storyline set in the ancient time, you would have seen Taoist monks using a Wu-lu, a kind of wine bottle in the shape of a gourd to suck and capture the evil spirits into the receptacle.  If you are familiar with the use of energy, you too can use any bottle, or even beer can, to draw and trap negative energies.

I normally hold a bottle with my right hand, chant a mantra and weave a blue light around it before I aim the constricted opening at the source of the negative energies to draw them into the receptacle. There is a heavier and tugging feeling once you connect your bottle to the source of negative energies before you apply a slight pressure with your right fingers onto the base of the bottle to begin drawing them in.

I actually became aware of this method in my dream.   I dreamt that I was confronted by several aggressive apparitions and I used some porcelain blue urns to defend myself,  drawing those energy bodies of those discarnate beings into the containers.

Do not attempt to use the new found method to fight negative entities until you are psychically powerful enough to defend yourself and to magically seal them off and trap them in your receptacle. The method is good only for the purpose of drawing off diseased or negative energies for healing purpose. I have been using this method and it works.

Reference: https://psychictavern.com/2015/05/21/healing-orb/


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