Using Mantra Meditation To Activate Chakra

(1) To open the upper 3 chakras

Chakra meditation at the basic level is to use very powerful mantras OM AH HUM.

Silently chant Om and visualize a ball of white light encircling the entire upper region of your head – covering the area of your crown and third eye chakras. (like wearing a half cap).

Next chant Ah and visualize a ball of red light glowing from your throat chakra. Move downwards, chant Hum and imagine a ball of blue light descending to your heart chakra and settling there.

For those who have difficulty in chanting Om Ah Hum,  you can substitute them with “Own A Home” –  retaining the original color visualization of  White, Red, and Blue.

Repeat the Mantra meditation as many times as you like,  or if you prefer 108 times per session.  After some time you will begin to feel that you can move energy at ease from the crown to the heart chakra – very useful for practicing channeling of divine energy from above and allow it to pass through your crown, your third eye to your heart and emitting it through your hands.

This meditation opening the chakra top down would be helpful to those who wish to practice Kundalini awakening as it prepares and opens the upper three chakras to facilitate the upward movement of the pranic force.


Figure 59. Graphic imagination of OM MANI PADME HUM mantra. Colors of the letters from the left to the right: white (OM), dark-green, yellow, blue, red, indigo (black).






Using 6 Syllabus Mantra to to activate Qigong channel:


2) To open the loop – the small circulation:

” Next, for the Om Mani Padme Hum Mantra:- Go to your sacral chakra and chant Om visualizing a ball of (white)  light beaming there.

Down to your root chakra and chant Ma – visualizing a ball of Greenlight nestling there.

Move upwards along your back of your spine, chant Ni and feel a ball of yellow light glowing from your Mien Mum chakra at back (approximately behind your Solar Plexus Chakra).

Go further up along the back of the spine, chant Pad and visualize Blue light around the region above your neck – approximately the line of intercession dividing your neck and the back of your head. (Jade Pillow Acupuncture Point).

Chant Me and feel the Red light resting on your brow chakra.

Chant Hum and visualize black color your heart chakra  – meaning when you chant Hum resting on your heart chakra you visualize black or total darkness or the void)  ball of light on your heart chakra.




I am more familiar with using another set of color visualization – White for Om on the Sacral Chakra,  Red for Ma on the Base Chakra, Yellow for Ni on the Mien Man,  Green for Pad on the Jade Pillow,  Blue for Ni on the Third Eye and Black for Hum on the Heart.

Do the mantra meditation repetitively going as many times cycles as you wish. (Best to do each set of 108 times for both Mantra chanting methods.) This mantra meditation helps you to develop the micro orbit circulation..(Taoism Qigong “Dan Tien ” method). whereas most chakra meditation methods only guide you to open up the 7 chakras along the front channel.

Both mantra methods help you to connect and activate the chakras along the channels they traverse. Constant chanting of both mantras would also help protect you against negative elementals. The old school of thoughts limits the transmission of the above methods to only a few chosen ones – by words of mouth. But I personally feel that this is universal knowledge and meant to be shared among all of us. One would only benefit from the knowledge when one is ready for it. Those who are not ready will never understand it….. ”


(3)  Combination of Method (1) and (2)

Start with OM AH HUM Method (1) beginning from Crown and ending at the Heart Chakra and continue with OM MANI PADME HUM starting with Sacral and ending at the Heart Chakra.  Repeat the next set with OM AH HUM again and continue with OM MANI PADME HUM.

They use the same principle of the Qigong breathing method with the energy conforming to the law of gravity in that when the chakra is overfilled the excess energy move to the next chakra.   But the Qigong breathing method brings in energy faster than the other method.


Anthony Leong

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