Use Of Stones and Crystals To Promote Good Feng Shui

(1) Hang a quartz on top of each door if you have two doors face to face with one another. The occupants in the rooms with the door facing each other would end up having a quarrelsome relationship. In Chinese, a door is symbolized by the pictorial character of a mouth, and when two doors are opposite each other they are just like two mouths confronting each other. I recommend rose quartz to improve and harmonize relationship.

(2) Hang a quartz from the ceiling halfway between two doors which are in alignment. Best to use a natural quartz which is faceted cut. It is inauspicious to have two doors in straight alignment in any building; they are called heart piercing doors.

(3) Place a geode of amethyst on the left-hand corner of the room diagonally opposite the entrance into a room. That is the wealth corner. Can also use quartz ball or aventurine balls. (100 mm and above in diameter).

(4) If you need to protect your main door from unwelcome intrusions by negative spirits, place a large crystal ball or an amethyst geode opposite the door.

(5) If you have windows facing inauspicious position and objects in the landscape outside your house – sharp corners, railway tracks, hang faceted cut quartz ball from the windows. The quartz ball exposed to sunlight will also reflect rainbow color lights into the room, making it charged with positive and lively energy.

(6) If you need to protect your house from thieves and even negative spirits, use a laser quartz and trace the outlines of the doors and windows you wish to protect. Visualise brilliant laser white beams from the laser quartz forming an energy frame protecting the doors and windows.

(7) Fossilized/petrified Wood brings luck and offers protection against negativity. Good to hang them on the front door, with your house number or name of the family craved on it. Or, you can hang a petrified bracelet on the inner door knob on your main door.

(8) For couples having fertility problems, place either amethyst or agate geode or rose quartz in the bedroom near to the bed. Rose quartz is good to promote a harmonious relationship between husband and wife.

(9) If you have a toilet entrance facing your bed, or dinner table, you can also hang stones – smoky quartz – from the toilet door to neutralize the Ying damaging energy.

(10) If you have the foot of the bed facing the door to your bedroom, you are likely to be inflicted with ailments affecting your legs. I place two tektites (can use smoky quartz, black tourmaline or black obsidian) below the bed to neutralize the adverse radiation caused by this inauspicious positioning of the bed.

(11) In your office, if you suspect your colleagues are plotting or backstabbing you, place a quartz cluster on the upper right-hand corner of your working desk. You may stick tektite, obsidian or black tourmaline stones underneath your table below the upper right-hand corner if you wish to hide your Feng Shui deployment from others.

(12) In your office, if you have a window behind you, make sure the curtains are always drawn up and try to place a large rock – jasper, smoky quartz or elestial quartz, on the window ledge to make sure you have the support of your bosses and colleagues.

(13) To help your children to concentrate better in their studies and to protect their eyesight, place amethyst stones on their study tables – preferable amethyst generator (with either natural or cut or single pointed termination and a stable base at the bottom).

(14) Place tumbled quartz in front of your computer monitor to screen away the harmful radiations from the devices. Have to cleanse the stones once a fortnight by either salt water, or burying them in the garden overnight and thereafter expose to the morning sun to charge them up for reuse.

(15) To protect your toilet from negative energy, put tumbled white calcite nuggets in a glass bowl in the toilet. Make sure you cleanse the stones periodically, once a fortnight. (Can use sea salt and keep them in glass bowl overnight in toilet. Next morning flush away the salt into toilet bowl and replace them with new salt.

(16) For those whose house has been suspected to be saturated with negative energy, for example the presence of negative spirits, use salt water by mixing and diluting a bowl of sea salt in a pail of water, to mop the whole house. After that, open up all the windows to air the house.

Anthony Leong

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