Unusual Chakra – Part II

This is an update of an older post (Some Unusual Chakras),   with a new discussion on other unusual minor chakras – the skin,  and the two hand and foot sub-chakras.

Most people are familiar with the seven major chakras in our body – the Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and the Crown.  Apart from these 7 commonly known chakras, there are some other unusual chakras, each having specific roles and functions.  These are the unusual chakras that I have personally felt and experienced their unique functions and locations.

(1) About one to two feet above our head/crown chakra, I think one writer calls it Soul Star. This is the chakra I use to connect to distant stars to tap their energy and I think the energy is golden in colour. You can also activate this chakra, draw in its energy field and form a golden energy armor to protect yourself. The method is to scan for the chakra, by feeling for it, connect to its specific energy field, and pull it inwards until it becomes dense and hardens. Will it to remain for the duration of your choice and protect yourself in it.  This is also the chakra I use at times to activate my golden etheric pyramid.

(2) On the forehead approximately at the hairline position: This is the chakra that is part of the Third Eye series chakra. It is supposed to project energy and allow you to scan the environment. I use it to beam out energy and if you are strong enough you can project offensive laser-like energy. (Laser light is formed by visualizing the rays of light compressing them until they become parallel to one another and forming a thin straight line). Sometimes if I have impurities in my body. I dispose of them via this chakra.

(3) On the point between inner corners of the two eyes: Also part of the Third Eye chakra.  In some Traditional Taoist meditation, when you succeed in meditating on darkness(守黑), you shall be elevated and rewarded with brilliant lights (迴光返照)which are supposed to enter and illuminate your body through this chakra.  I think it is more receptive. I use it to sense vibrations. I think this minor chakra correspondent to the Dan Tien Hara sub-chakra acupuncture point. When I do my skin breathing meditation (Or the Baby In the Womb breathing), I vibrate this chakra and the Dan Tien (Hara or sacral chakra) together as I will my pores to open and close to breathe and to inhale and exhale energies..

(4) Behind the nostrils: This another unusual minor chakra, also part of the Third Eye’s family. Receptive in nature, I use it to take in energy, especially from the trees. At times, I thought I could take in energy from joss sticks and candles and have the feeling of well-being… just like in the Chinese ghost stories where ghosts feed on joss sticks and candles offered to them by human beings. In the wrong hands, this chakra could be likened to Dracula’s fangs to suck in other people’s energies but whoever does it will pay a Karmic price. Nothing is for free.

(5)Behind our eyeballs are the eye chakras. I think they are receptive in nature. Similar to the chakra behind the nostrils, I use them to draw energy from trees. There were rare occasions where I was forced into confrontations and I used them to cast an overpowering gaze at my opponents. Normally, after I stared hard at them they would look away and avoid eye-to-eye contact.

(6) Earth Star chakra – this is the chakra where I use to draw earth energy into my body. To connect to this chakra, you visualize a perpendicular straight line extending deep down to the center of the earth below your feet. The focal point is a red brilliant star in the sea of total darkness. I could draw earth energy in this manner, and they raise, enter my body and activate my major 7 chakras from the base chakra upward until the crown. Aragonite seems to be the best stone to help connect to earth chakra.

(7)Stellar Gate Chakra – is the ultimate chakra in our overall chakra system. To me, it’s a brilliant gold star extending right into the infinity of the universe. (I have also described it as the Universe Chakra).   I could tap it and draw upon the golden refined energy to do cleansing and charging. I think it is likened to Buddha energy – Buddha Amitabha. Sometimes I meditate by drawing down the golden energy into my body and connect it to the earth chakra mentioned above. Depending on our level of spiritual development, most people like me could only access low-level intensity in accessing this divine energy.

(7)As for the  Third Eye chakra, which is not an unusual chakra but merits some discussion, it itself is approximately between the eyebrows about half an inch into the forehead. Some say it is at the point where your spinal cord ends and where the two imaginary lines from your left and right ears converge. My teacher expected me to see this chakra visually, with its spokes/pedals, but I could only make out its hazy outlines. But, this chakra seems to be both projecting and receiving. I use it like a radar of bats, scanning for vibrations. When I look at photographs, I use this chakra to scan for vibrations.

(8) I have taught others to look at a stone with this chakra and feel which part of the body the stone vibrates them. ( Learning To Feel Natural Stones With Your Chakra).  In this way, we are able to differentiate what are these stones according to which of our chakras they vibrate, such as: if it vibrates our solar plexus, it is a yellow stone – citrine, yellow topaz or etc. In this manner, if the stone is purported to be a citrine, and the vibration is on the Third Eye chakra, then the stone is an amethyst deeply heated to transform its colour into yellow with the intention to pass it off as higher-priced citrine. Some with smoky quartz which is supposed to vibrate our base chakra, and if it vibrates our crown chakra then it must be white quartz subject to intense radiation to change it to dark or black colour. Another thing about stones with a high dosage of radiation is that they have dense, offensive, and prickly vibrations. (example: precious cat eye stones being radiated to bring out the lines)

(9) Our skin,  which some considered as the largest organ in our body,  can be counted as an unusual minor chakra as a group.  The ancient Chinese Qigong text described it as 84000 pores through which one could inhale and exhale energy.  There is one Taoist Meditation method which uses visualization of the Three Sacred Fire ( 三昧真火)  that we are to draw into our body through the 84000 pores(八萬四千毛竅),  and build a cauldron of flame in our  DanTian (丹田) Hara sub-chakra (Sacral Chakra).    Yes,  I have been meditating with my skin sub-chakra,  willing the pores to open and close and expelling and inhaling energy.  In doing this,  I minimize my natural breathing in and out through my mouth/nose.  I am supposed to cease the natural breathing mechanism completely and rely on the pores to draw in and draw out the air,  but I still have not attained this level.   An Italian medical doctor who also learned meditation with me commented that I had acquired the ability to manipulate the para-sympathetic system to control the movements of my pores.   I posed him a question about how my body was able to dispel the carbon dioxide from the bloodstream if I cut off the intake of air oxygen (along with the exhalation of carbon dioxide)  from the atmosphere through the mouth/nose.   He did not have a specific answer for me but surmised that the carbon dioxide could be also expelled from our pores as we engaged in the unique breathing exercise.     One of my former colleagues who had been practicing Tai-chi and Qigong for many years also meditates on the pores.  He claimed his wife complained of the smell of urine emanating from his body after he practiced the meditation.   We agreed that the smell came from the perspiration which traps the toxic elements from our body as we perform the pore breathing exercise.  Over a period of time,  such odor would disappear completely as we continually cleanse our body through the skin breathing exercise.  Another function of the skin or pore sub-chakra is its ability to pick up and sense vibration from the surrounding,  besides their normal sensory ability to feel temperate of warm and cold.   To the common folk,  this is akin to hair standing on ends or having goosebumps when one senses some eeriness in the environment.

(10)  Then, not forgetting that there are our two hands and two sole chakras which are commonly used in energy healing.  The right palm sub-chakra projects energy while the left receives.   Similarly,  the right sole sub-chakra usually allows us to discharge used or stained energy into the earth while the left draws in the earth prana (earth energy).  There is where the walking meditation exercise reaps its benefit through the right and left sole sub chakras which can be connected to reach the Earth Star Chakra mentioned above (para 6),.

(11)There are other multiple minor chakras all over our body and we should take time to identify them and get to know them.

Anthony Leong


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