Understanding The Statues Of Buddha.

A statue of Buddha is just a piece of inanimate object. What turns it into a sacred symbol to be revered by a multitude of devotees? First and foremost, the statue is not Buddha but it is supposed to be a symbolic representation of the grand energy of Buddha. It is through the long-drawn process of multiple devotees praying and paying tribute to the statues of Buddha, for their spiritual connection to the Buddhic realm, that it assumes a vibration frequency of the corresponding higher plane. This will take years, sometimes over centuries.  

Some highly attained monks, with years of devotion to their practice and training, nevertheless, can short-cut the long drawn magnetization process, by blessing or anointing the Buddha statue.  The  Chinese used to call “Kai Guang” – infusing the lights. They can do it because they are trained to connect to the energy realm of Buddha, and thus are able to benchmark this energy and “programme” it onto the statue.

In similar vein,  a Buddha statue devoid of the Buddhic energy could be “infiltrated” by lower realm negative spirits.  They happily take up residence in those statues and receive whatever the offering of unknowing individuals.  I make it a point to assess the energy vibration of the Buddha statues in homes where I am asked to conduct house blessings.


By Anthony Leong

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