Trees And The Metaphysics

During my younger days when I first picked up meditation and Qigong, I read about the Chinese Qigong exponents practicing with trees. They believed that one could enhance their body’s energy system by being in close proximity to trees. It seems pine trees are the favorites as it is believed that they emit the invaluable negative ions which are crucial to us in eradicating the harmful free radicals in our body.


It is the vibration properties of trees and plants that give us the health benefits and not the open green spaces. The answer to how plants and trees affects us physiologically turns out to be very simple. It is all to do with the fact that everything vibrates in a subtle manner, and different vibrations affect biological behaviors. It is the same with trees, when touching a tree its different vibration pattern will affect various beneficial biological behaviors within your body.


Some even advocate that trees are great for dumping your negative or sick energy onto them. They have the ability to absorb these unwanted energies and transmute them into positive energy by their rooted connection with earth. In Japan, it is said that walking in a forest of trees would help alleviate some of our common sicknesses. They even have commercial enterprises building up forest enclosure to provide such services for a fee. Bamboo seems to be the favorite plant they used for healing purpose. A walk in the forest among trees is indeed a good convalescence for those who wish for speedy recovery from their illnesses.


We all know Trees also store carbon dioxide in their fibers helping to clean the air and. carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen in exchangeSo, theoretically at least, being in the proximity of trees and plants would improve your inhalation of oxygen, and help absorb the unwanted carbon dioxide from your body.


The author of the classic “Hands of Light” – the late Barbara Brennan mentioned in her book that when she was a child sitting under the trees was her favorite pastime. And, she explained that she experienced a unique connection with the trees which seem to enhance her awareness of energy and help prepare her for her advancement into the realm of energy healing science.


I also practiced with trees during my early days.  Besides doing the standing meditation next to the trees,  sitting under them had been my favorite meditation exercise.  As I advanced in my practice, I need not be close to those trees, or physically hugging them. I could sit faraway, cast my sight towards a forest, open up my eyes and Third Eye Chakra to gaze at them and suck up their collective vibration. This is one way to practice to improve my eyes.The other method is for me to gaze at the aura surrounding the trees, discerning their white greenish silhouette, and train my Third Eye to see auras. Over the period of time, I develop an overpowering gaze which I could hold steadfastly when caught in a staring confrontation. Somehow, most of my adversaries just backed off and looked away after I stared firmly into their eyes. In my previous profession, as an investigator, I was quite effective at assuming the upper hand position by staring straight into the eyes of interviewees, and psychologically pressurizing them to reveal the truth.

Working with trees spiritually is also part of Shamanic practice. It seems in the course of evolution, there seems to be an unseen hand that has drawn me to Shamanic pursuits, even though I did not assiduously train myself for it, and never being coached by any Shaman. In my early days, I practiced with the seawater, earth and trees, stars, stones, moon and the sun, to gear my sensitivity and management of energy. My Master Guru Bernard was the one who formally initiated me in the invocation of the Maha Deva of the elements in the later part of my life long training.


By Anthony Leong

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