Training On Use of Etheric Healing hands

You see healers use their physical hands to project healing energy. Have you ever thought of using your imaginary hands to do the same healing. Imagine you can detach your invisible hand away from your physical body and send it to any distance,

It is all in the mind. Thoughts are great instrument for manifestation. Thoughts direct the flow of energy. Most of us has feeble thoughts, of less than 50 hertz or cycles per second. And, we may have problem concentrating for a length of time, hold focus on an object or cannot visualize images.

But, through progressive training and self discipline, you can enhance the power of your thoughts. And, meditation is one way to drill the discipline into your mind to concentrate, to focus and to visualize better.

Coming to the invisible or etheric hands, I have trained myself using this tested method. I nickname it water Ta-chi. You do not need to know Ta-chi, a passive and subtle form of Chinese pugilistic art. All you have to do is to spend some time at the seaside, a river bank or the edge of a lake. Stand with you legs slightly apart, achieving a sense of balance in your body posture (the width of your body between two shoulders), feel your feet entrenched onto the ground. Look at the waters, raise left your hand, opened palm, and do a pushing semi-circular movement towards your right, imagining your hand is actually moving in the water. Do not exert effort. , just push gently. Feel the pressure, the tag and the push as if that your hand is really in the water. Repeat with your right hand, and doing a set of exercise 32 times, or any number of sets you are comfortable with. Try the other exercise, push your hand forward with open palm this time, feeling the push in the water. Do these exercises, practice them as often as you can.

If you are not confident as yet, you could actually submerge half your lower body in water and exercise with your hands to get a feel of the sweeping and thrusting movements.
Gradually, when you are confident you can feel the pressure of the moving water against your imaginary palms, you can perform these exercises without even moving your physical hands. This time stand still and let your mind imagine the hands moving the waters. Graduate later to even a higher stage – you imagine doing your water pushing exercises in the comfort of your home or office, without having to go to the seaside, or riverside..

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