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To be able to channel energy, one has to build up and improve upon his visualizing ability.  Some of my methods of channeling involve conjuring up images of pyramids or orbs.

  1. Perform simple visualization exercises by trying to recall past memories – examples like your childhood days, or what you did yesterday or an hour ago.  You should spend some time – 15 to 30 minutes  – a day to do this.
  2. Close your eyes and try to recall details of your house,
  3. Do the quartz programming exercises. This involves the discerning of the vibrations of emotion. I tell my students to hold each stone with their right hands, one at a time, and try to project their thoughts into it. This exercise is best to be attempted after students have learned how to feel the vibration of stones positively.   They are told to project a thought of a past happy event, and another a sad event. When they pick up these stones again to feel their vibrations, they notice that there is indeed a marked difference between the two. For the stone programmed with the happy memories, it is faster, lighter, livelier and more pleasant to touch whereas the one that encapsulated the unpleasant past has that heavier, slower and unpleasant vibration.  Some students may be moved to tears when they touch the unhappy stone.
  4. Do the channeling of energy using quartz – beaming a narrow column of energy onto the quartz. For this exercise, you hold a piece of stone – preferably a 20 mm quartz ball – with your fingers of your right hand.   You begin to visualize a narrow beam of white light from above and will it to descend upon the stone.  Hold your attention to the white beam as long as possible until you feel the stone has become brighter.  This is one method to cleanse and charge up a stone.
  5. When you are very familiar with this exercise, increase the width to a column of white light about shoulder wide and visualize it to cascade down to your body from head to your feet.   You can use golden light instead of white, or light blue or even velvet colored lights.
  6. When you are very familiar with pulling the healing light over your body,  try to summon it and cleanse another person.  Using the same method,  you can also attempt to cleanse a room, or even a building by enlarging the circumference of the imaginary light.  You may chant your favorite mantra and ask for assistance in bringing down the light.   Practice makes perfect,  you have to repeat it many times and build up your confidence in mobilizing the healing light.


Anthony Leong

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