It’s raining money

Everyone loves to win big prizes in lottery or Toto draws.   I have assembled some pointers or tips to help improve our chances of windfalls in gambling.

 1. Cleanse yourself of Negative Energies.

Energy health plays an important part in gaining success, be it fortune or in businesses and career.  Everyone carries along within himself  a certain measure of negative energies.  When these unwanted energies are overwhelmingly present, they not only block away all good luck and success but also bring about misfortunes and ill health.    There are many methods of ridding ourselves of negative energy.  Some suggestions include bathing with sea salt, smudging our body with incense or praying to divine beings.  Abstaining from undesirable life style indulgences such as excessive drinking, smoking and womanizing would also help reduce chances of contamination from such negative debris.

2. Improving your Positive Energy

The reverse of negative is positive.  Just as we try to minimize negativities in ourselves, we may need to infuse into our body stronger positive energy.  The presence of positive element is a prerequisite for receiving good luck and fortune.  This uplifted alternative not only fills up the vacuum left behind by the negative trash but also serves to prevent them from infesting us at least for a time being.  The wearing of crystals and stones, and properly consecrated talismans would help sustain the positive energy in us.    Praying to your Gods of wealth and fortune, and spiritual deities would also apply not only in removing negative energy but also bringing about more luck and success.

3. Maintaining Good Physical Health.

The prerequisite of good energy health is to remain physically fit, with minimal sicknesses. A healthy body is one with minimal negative energy and beaming with positive lights. This will take into account the right diet, regular exercises and a lot of fresh air and sunlight.

4. Good Mental Health

Besides being physically wholesome, one must also remain mentally stable and free from all negative emotions . Anger, envy, stress, depression and fear are all negative and they must be minimized to maintain good mental health.  If left unchecked, they might contribute to build up of denser negative blockage in our body.  I have come across individuals who always harbor defeatist attitude, lacking in confidence, selfish and unable to interact with people;   they always complain that they have bad luck.

 5. Turning to Feng Shui for help to improve luck.

One other way to improve your luck elements is to improve the Feng Shui in your house and office.   Feng Shui plays an integral part in our life cycles, and the presence of  improper Feng shui settings in our dwelling or working places might  not only build up bad energy but also turn away positive Qi. So it pays to consult a qualified and honest Feng Shui practitioner to brighten your house or office.

6. Divination to understand your luck cycles.

Every one of us has cycles of good and bad lucks in  our lifetime.  If we are privy to this information, we should be able to plan when to invest in speculative gambling and when to lie low,  save more and cut loss.   Divination is one means to check your luck cycles, and it involves consulting your horoscope or reliable fortune tellers.

 7. Charitable Acts to Improve Luck.

It is also believed that donating to charity and helping other people in need would garner more positive energy.    It is especially effective for those who have been earning some windfall, and desire to continue the winning spree.  There have been reported instances of winners of big prizes meeting with misfortunes such as accidents or illnesses, and donating a portion of their winnings would help avert these undesirable consequences.

8. My Consulting Services.

I conduct energy consulting services with a comprehensive package including the removal of negative vibes, infusion of positive Qi, the consecration of good luck crystal or stones and talisman, and advice on luck cycles. I also have a good collection of lucky bracelets and good luck sprays for sale.

By Anthony Leong

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