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I ponder over the subject of thought process. In my recent article, I spoke about marshalling my thought process to control the flow of energy.
Medical science attributes the thinking process to biological nervous system, our brain, that functions as an integral part of our physical body. Does it mean that when a person dies, and his physical body ceases to function and eventually disintegrated, the brain and the thought process also stop working? I use the term thinking process and thought process interchangeably, but concede that thinking process is in active state while thought process is more a recollection of the former.
I move on to the dream stage, lucid dreaming and the dreamscapes , does the thought process, along with the sensory abilities, also function in tandem with the mandatory biological nervous system? Personally, my experience in the dreamscape is so real, with the full complement of all the five sensory abilities vividly at work as if real life experience. It makes me doubtful if they are governed by biological nervous system. Though, the hard sciences still can argue that dreaming is part of our biological functions.
What about those individuals who went through Near Death Experience (NLD) when their biological body and the nervous system were reported non-functioning? How to account for their recollection of their NLD experience when they were revived? If their thinking process, or thoughts, are still active, how to reconcile this phenomenon with the disruption of physical life?
What I am driving at is the thought process could be an independent function not necessarily governed by the biological nervous system that dies along with the physical body. This is my feeble attempt to explain how remote, or cross dimensional, viewing, and healing, could be carried out without the physical body, or the physical brain.
If you believe in ghosts, spirits and deva, how do they think and possibly communicate, if they are in energy forms? How about the higher spiritual forms – the Gods, the Buddhas and the Angels, all of which I consider as energy form of highest vibration frequency?
In Chinese folk lore, demons could through years of exposure to the essence of moon and sun, attain metaphysic powers, along with the ability to think and even communicate. How do lower life forms like animal and plants, and even inanimate bodies eventually acquire energy bodies that could think and communicate like human beings, if you believe in these legendary stories.


Anthony Leong

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