Thinking aloud On Mantra.

Thinking aloud On Mantra. Using my own example of giving blessings. I chant a lot of Buddhist, Hindu and Taoist mantras – some with broad significance in protection, health and prosperity. Fo example: Om Mani Padme Hum more for protection, Medicine Buddha mantra for health and healing or Yellow Jambalah mantra for money luck. These are ancient time-tested mantras, and the constant practice of chanting them enhance their results.


There are some articulations that are more affirmations than mantras. Like repeated recitation of the verse –“ I want success!”. In the form of common lay verbal expressions, they serve the same purpose as the mantra; they must be recited repeatedly and with conviction like the Buddhist and Hindu mantras for example.


Words are vehicles of thoughts, and when uttered earnestly they radiate outwards in tandem with our thoughts, firstly into the mental subtle body primarily operated through our solar plexus, and become transformed into thought forms in that dimension.The constant chanting would strengthen those thought forms and like programmes they stand a good chance of attracting and materializing the energy vibrations of the desired objectivity that you wish to attain. So the key is to recite them repeatedly with single-mindedness, for them to come into fruition.


Therefore, anything articulated can be a mantra, if repeated multiple times and with conviction and single-mindedness. I simplify my affirmations, normally prefaced by those ancient mantras, such as ” I thank Buddha for the blessings of Peace, Protection, Prosperity and Good Health. ” Hope this would provide some ideas for you to think about.


And, it is frightening to note that curses also operate in the same manner.

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