The Vibration of love heals everything!

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In The United States, they discovered surprisingly that, what cancer cells most fear is ” love “! the studio discovered that many people are sick for lack of ” love!”

The Doctor. David Hawkins is a well-known doctor in the United States and has treated many patients around the world. He says that seeing the patient already knows the cause of the disease. He said his patients don’t talk about love, they only talk about pain, resentment, frustration, the whole package is trapped in the patient’s body.
The Doctor. Hawkins said, ” many people get sick because they have no love, they only have pain and frustration. People with vibration frequencies below 200 are easy to get sick.” the vibrational frequency is commonly known as the magnetic field.
David Hawkins discovered that people who are sick generally have negative thoughts. Often vibration over 200, people don’t get sick. Generally, your patients have a vibration frequency below 200. What are thoughts that have vibration frequencies below 200? People who like to claim, blame and have hatred of others, a frequency is only about thirty or forty, who constantly accuses others, decreases a large amount of energy, so that vibration frequency is below 200. These people easily acquire many different diseases. The Highest Vibration Index is 1000 and the lowest index is 1. He said that in this world, the greatest vibration frequency he saw was 700, his energy is particularly sufficient when these people appear, can Affect the local magnetic field.

In The Nobel Peace Prize, Mother Teresa appeared in the award. At the time, the whole atmosphere was very good, with a high frequency of vibration, so that the audience felt the energy of the magnetic field, which was full of beauty and moved everyone. When a high energy person appears, his energy makes the magnetic field of all things become beautiful and peaceful, but when a person has a lot of negative thoughts, he doesn’t only hurt himself, but the magnetic field that Around gets bad.
The Doctor. Hawkins said he tested millions of cases and investigated different races around the world. The answer is the same. While Vibration frequency is less than 200, the person is ill. If it’s more than 200, they’ll have no disease. What are the thoughts above 200? I would like to take care of others, compassion, love, good actions, tolerance, etc. These are high vibration frequencies, reaching 400 to 500. Instead, like hate, anger, blame, resentment, jealousy, be demanding with others, selfish things, only consider themselves, with Little consideration for feelings of feelings others, the vibration frequency of these people is low. These low-frequency vibrations also lead to cancer, cause heart disease and other diseases. He told us that thinking, from a medical point of view, is really amazing, the thought has a great influence on people’s health. The power of love.
After the Japanese cellist suffered from cancer, he tried to fight the diseaseut felt worse and worse. He fixed his mind and decided to love all the cancer cells in his body. He considered the intense pain of cancer as an “Awakening service”, with blessings and gratitude. He found it good. Then he decided to love all life, including everyone, everything. After a while, it was unexpected that all cancer cells would have disappeared. Later, he became a known therapist in Japan. That’s the essence of life, ” love “”.


Reference:  Cruz Maria Btez

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