The Mind’s Eye – A Psychic Tool

“The Eyes See What The Mind Is Prepared To See”.  Therefore, it is important to nurture and always apply our mind’s eye. The mind does not blindly accept and decode what the eyes immediately see. It goes through a mental process of discerning and evaluating the information received and adducing a logical conclusion instead of forming a hasty judgment. So that, we do not jump before we look.
Of course, there will be instances when the mind has little time to react to what the naked eyes see, especially in dangerous situations and exigencies that demand an immediate response. This will to a greater part depend on our auto-reflex mechanism.
And, it is my belief that the skill to this instantaneous reflect action can be honed by constant rehearsals in my mind’s eyes.   In the words of the martial art exponents,  they could actually anticipate moves by their opponents and spontaneously take steps to counter them.  It is as if they could view the series of movements from their opponents in slow motion.
The ability to attain a calm mind to react to any exigency can be achieved through proper meditation. Just like after having taken up meditation, I no longer jumped in fright when the door accidentally slammed or during thunder.
And, it is possible to use our mind’s eye without sighting with the physical eyes. –
Firstly, the mind’s eye can be deployed as a delayed process to review what the physical eyes have previously sighted. This is akin to the process of an afterthought. There are situations where one does not need to react to a physical sighting and has to think over it.
Secondly, without depending on the physical eyes, the mind’s eye can conjure its own vision, or visions, which is different from drawing upon its memory bank of the previous sightings. The vision helps a person to plan and forecast follow-up action.  And,  in conjuring up visions,  the majority of the people process their thoughts in words.   Some even pen their thoughts on paper when they internalize their visions.  Feel that the process of visualizing could achieve better results if the person thinks in a matrix of pictures and words.  The ability to think in pictorial forms and images will open up the gateway to higher psychic ability especially in manifestation and materialization.
Thirdly, the mind’s eye can be developed as a psychic tool to see beyond what the naked eyes cannot see. This is where the legendary  Third Eye comes into play – seeing aura, ghosts, and spirits and communicating with divine forces.  For me,  my mind’s eye has been geared towards the senses of feeling,  I feel energy vibrations,  more than I can see.  Similarly, in developing psychics,   the rest of the sensory abilities, besides seeing, like sound, smell, touch, and even taste can be accentuated so that the mind’s eye gains an all-encompassing experience of the full range of the sensory faculties.
And, lastly, in psychic development, the mind’s eye plays an integral part in performing manifestation and even materialization in the hands of the adepts. And, when the mind’s eye is properly trained, it serves to enhance the ability to perform remote viewing and manifesting.

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