The Elusive Guides In My Lucid Dreams

My Elusive Guides that came to me in my lucid dreams


There are many adepts who pride themselves with having received personal tutelage from spiritual masters. As far as I can recall, I have never had any meaningful contact or communication with any spiritual masters or guides in my conscious state. I remember seeing their images only in fleeting moments during meditation sessions or during lucid dreaming.


It took me a long time to decide to write about these visitations in my dreams from spiritual masters, as they might appear to be too fictional and be ridiculed by people as products of figments of my imagination. I leave it to the discretion of whoever readers to decide whether to enjoy reading my personal account, or whether or not they believe in whatever I have said.

I remember vividly that before I picked up meditation, some 30 years ago, I dreamed of Jesus, and it was an overwhelming experience. The bearded Jesus was trying to convert me to Christianity and I was choked with emotions of joy and cried unabashedly when I met him. But, somehow, I remained an atheist for a while until I took up Buddhism towards the later part of my life. Nevertheless, I do believe there is a Greater Being up there, and people of different creeds only choose to call Him by whatever name.

There was another occasion just after I took up serious meditation that when I meditated in the sleeping position on my sofa in my living room, a golden ball of light came to me through the windows. It basked my body with its golden rays and giving me a great feeling of fulfillment. After that initiation, my sensitivity to the nuances of energy vibrations became heightened. This incident took place after I had read a book about an ancient Taoist Master Lv Dong Bin. He described how prolonged meditation focusing on darkness could result in a gold ball of light entering our Third Eye and illuminating our body.


Earth Store Bodhisattva

In my lucid dreams, I was visited by other entities. The first one was the Earth Store (Ksitigarbha) Bodhisattva, who, according to legend, watches over the discarnate spirits in hell. He made a vow that he would never wish to attain Buddhahood so long as there is still one loss soul condemned to hell that needs his salvation. He came to me basking in golden lights , minus his headgear, and also did not utter a word. I interpreted that he came with a purpose to remind me of my role in providing a service to my fellow beings. I also take it as a divine message that I should be unselfish in sharing whatever spiritual knowledge I have been bestowed privileged access.


Amma Narayani

There was another guide, a Caucasian looking Yogi in yellow monk robes and crew-cut hairstyle, who walked into my dream one night. He laid a piece of yellow cloth with strange looking diagrams and scripts on the ground, before asking me to demonstrate to him what I had learnt. He taught me how to project the elemental energies from my palm – the fire and the water, and told me to work harder to improve my abilities in channelling these energies. He also showed up only once.  Later, I chanced upon a Swaimi Amma Narayani when he came to Singapore, and he looked like the Yogi that appeared in my dream. From this encounter,  I went on to pick up the techniques in the invocation of the elementals  in Hindu, which I learnt from his main disciple and a personal friend, Bernard Lim. I went on to adapt the method to the Taoist style. 

Said Baba was the other entity that came into my dreams one night. He appeared in his “trade-marked” Afro-African hairdo and bright red-orange gown and expressed in disappointment as to why I did not believe in him. I retorted that he was as a human being as I was and why should I revere him as a God. He responded by saying that he was no God, and wanted to show me who was his God. It turned out that he asked an emaciated old Indian man in silvery hair, who looked like Mahatma Gandhi, to lead me to the statue of Ganesh, the popular elephant head Deity much revered by the Hindus in India. Later, I learned that the old man was the previous incarnation of Said Baba. Said Baba also chanted some incomprehensible mantra in my dream and I later figured it up during my meditation as the Gayatri Mantra.


In my other lucid dreamscape, I was given a hint of some Red Indian lineage in my previous incarnations.  There were several occasions I dreamt of myself as an Indian chief – Chief Sitting Bull, a rotund figure with the colorful feathery headgear.  I was barking out orders to some Red Indian tribesmen launching canoes into the river. 


In another episode, I was reminded of my faraway Red Indian lineage when a member of NAH, Stars, offered a psychic reading by accessing “The Book of Akashi Records”. She revealed to me that I was depicted as a Red Indian chieftain defending the tribe against an army of marauding Spanish horsemen with shields lances. Coincidentally, or otherwise, just before she wrote the email to me to inform me about her readings, I had a vivid dream of myself depicting myself in the same scenario.


After I took up meditation seriously, there was one occasion I encountered an image of a woman, whom I was still doubtful whether she was one of my guides. She came to me as a regal-looking young lady, slim like Olive in the Popeye cartoons, small face and big round eyes, with her dark hair tied into two piggy tails reaching her waist level and wearing a long loose-fitting gown with big blue Pokka discs against a white background. She was definitely not Caucasian and did not look Chinese; I had the feeling she was a squaw belonging to one of the Red Indian tribes. (Stella suggested that she could be a White Buffalo Calf woman). She stood there and watch over me while I meditated without uttering a single word.


When I had the opportunity to travel to San Jose, the USA, I went around specifically to look for some trace of Red Indian heritage. I met one indigenous Red Indian peddling his ware at a trade fair and bought some obsidian arrowhead.


Then, there was this image of a Caucasian-looking man in his 40s, with long straight shoulder-length blond hair, slightly square facial shape, tall and of the medium, athlete builds and wearing a long-sleeve brown color gown with length reaching the ground. I figured him out as a Persian nobleman, and I have the gut feel that he could be my previous carnation.


All in all, I have this feeling that most of my guides have come to me in the most unobtrusive forms without materializing their presence but impart the spirituality knowledge to me in the form of chanced access to books, news articles, internet postings, and bouts of sudden insights and awareness during conscious moments and meditations and dreams.


By Anthony Leong

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