The Benefits Of Meditation Revisit

The Benefits of Meditation Revisit. Stilling the mind (静)is a process, Concentration and Single-mindedness are transitional objectives, and Awareness is the final attainment. In the process, we gain ancillary benefits of mental alertness, mental stamina and mental agility, critical judgement, and slow down the aging process of senility.


There have been research reports that some successful CEO in the States practice meditation on a regular basis. And, meditation has another unique advantage of improving one’s lateral thinking and intuitive abilities. In the words of some successful CEOs, the meditative practice has helped them sometimes using their gut feel to spotlight the right answers after antagonizing over multiple business proposals and voluminous data.


Physically, you learn to handle stress better, not to succumb to emotions and maybe helpful in keeping at bay stress related sickness like hypertension, heart attacks, strokes and even cancer. And, in some instances, prolonged meditation would smoothen your complexion, giving you the glowing luster on your face and slow down the process of aging.


And lastly, one should not be too obsessed with gaining the arrays of psychic abilities or spiritual powers from Meditation. Many people give up meditation because they are too impatient to see these results. Psychic abilities would come naturally when you are least expected.


By Anthony Leong

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