Suspected Elements Of Black Magic In An Adultery Case

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There was one instance with supernatural elements interwoven into an adultery case. A lady client once approached me to help to investigate her husband for having affairs. She claimed her husband had all along been faithful and well behaved until she found out she was going out with another woman. There was also a drastic change in his behavior; from a mild manner family loving man he turned into to a violent and ill-tempered stranger. She suspected that the girlfriend of her husband practiced some forms of black magic and might have cast a charm on him.
After ascertaining that she prayed to Goddess of Mercy, Guan Yin, I coached her on the proper way of chanting Guan Yin’s prayers, asking for blessings for protection and making wishes. I also suggested to her to buy an amethyst stone and display it in her living room facing the direction of the entrance. The amethyst geode or clusters in the form of a boulder cut into half and exposing the multiple quartz terminators from inside is a good object to keep at bay negative energy from filtering into the house.
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Later, she came back to me and complained that after displaying the quartz, her husband did not feel comfortable remaining too long in the living room. He also tried to place a wooden carving in front of the stone as if he wanted to block off its radiation. On closer examination, she discovered some cracks on the quartz and surmised that it must have been caused by her husband trying to damage it. This could be one indication that her husband had been implanted with some foreign energy, normally deemed as black magic, for the purpose of exerting control over his will.
Whatever black magic aside, we solved the case by trailing her husband and uncovered evidence against her husband and the lady for having extra-marital affairs.
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