Suspected Black Magic In High Places

Black Magic

Some 13 years ago,   I was approached by a wealthy businessman, Mr  X, whose marriage was on the rock.  Mr X used to own a chain of reputable department stores overseas.  He confided in me that his wife, a professional holding a very senior position in a Multinational Corporation (MNC),  from out of the blue told him one day that they were incompatible and that she wanted a separation.   He strongly suspected someone had cast black magic on him and his wife and this had led to his wife’s bizarre behaviour.    He had approached at least two very high monks in Thailand, and a Taoist monk in Singapore to deal with the black magic problem.  At my advice, he also went to two Tibetan monks in Singapore.  All the monks, including myself,  basing on our different divination methods, assured him that he and his wife would settle their differences and reconciled.  All the monks, except myself, predicted that his wife had not committed any  adultery with any  other man.   In the face of all the high monks’ divination on this issue,  I relented on my own prediction and dismissed it as one of the occasional inaccuracies.

Upon his persistent pestering, I agreed to help to save  his marriage.  I began to  visualize his wife, from the photograph given by him,  and project high vibration energy to her to soften her emotionally, and to cleanse her energy body of negative vibrations using the etheric pyramid and healing orb methods.   As I was performing the remote energy cleansing, I noticed in the beginning there was an unusually large amount of biting and prickly  negative energy lodged in her heart and solar plexus region.   Every time, I tried to clear the dirty energy,  it came back again the next time I tried to work on it.    There was one day,  a night before I was supposed to go overseas,  that I felt that the presence of an  unusual increase in the negative vibration in her body.   While I was puzzling over the incident,  my business man friend made an overseas call to me  the following day and  claimed that his wife had gone to ROC on a rendezvous with her former colleague there.  He also mentioned that he had all along suspected that his wife had been having an affair with the man,  a public official holding senior position in the Government.   The night when I felt an overwhelming surge of negative energy in her was the day she was supposed to be in a hotel in  Taipei  with her  lover.    I was still indecisive whether the change in energy in her was due to the immense feeling of guilt when she was engaged in sexual activities with the man, or whether there was an unseen force at work.

A week later,  my business man friend sent me over to Taipei  to  do backtracking investigation to confirm that his wife and her lover were in the same hotel and staying in the same room.   There were records of the man’s stay in the hotel but there was no trace of information on his wife.   During one of the evenings where a friend of mine and I were in the hotel room in the same hotel,  a quartz talisman of  mine all of the sudden broke into two as I was placing it on the table before taking my bath.  The talisman was  in the form of a dagger with a handle shaped into the 4 faces of a Tibetan deity (Vajra Phupa –The Tibetan magic dagger.).  It was supposed to offer me protection against psyche forces.

On the same night,  a pygmy with big round eyes, oversized head and square face,  wearing a black suit and pants, came into my dream and taunted me.  I remember chanting my mantra – Om Mani Padme Hum”  and using my fingers to blast laser-like energy at him trying to get rid of his presence but it did not bother him at all.  Over the next few nights, from ROC and back in Singapore,  various demonic images (more liked Tibetan wrathful deities) came into my dreams.  

I again turned to my spiritual friend Ken and Stella and asked for advice.   Ken told me that he saw a dark force in the image of a Tibetan monk in a black robe.  He also cautioned me not to be involved as the entity was supposed to be protecting the public official and it was too strong for me to handle.  Stella told me that the dwarf I saw in my dream was a real person practicing black magic in South America. (Could also be North America).    She advised me to meditate and send messages to the image that I would disengage my spiritual involvement and stopped giving advice or helping my businessman friend in this manner.  This I did and the nightmares ceased.



By Anthony Leong

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