Use of natural crystal and stones – the mysticism explained.


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Every crystal, just like every human, has a different energy frequency. It depends on a few different factors like the size, the composition, and most helpfully, the color.  Their vibrational frequency is measurable by scientific instruments.  In quartz, they give rise to the phenomenon of piezo and pyro electricity which are used in scientific instruments to tell time.  The fact that quartz also retains memory is applied to computer memory storage such as the ROM and RAM silicon chips.

The different colors of the stone correspondents to our chakra – red garnet influences our Base Chakra, Orange Carnelian affects our Sacral, Yellow Citrine our Solar Plexus, Aventurine our Heart, Turquoise our Throat, Amethyst our Third Eye and White Quartz our Crown. 

My long years of practice train me to gear my thoughts to become aware of not only the chakra but also the energy force fields they are related to.  Just this morning, I experienced leg cramp on my right feet and I willed my thought to access the Ketheric energy field linked to the Crown Chakra to overcome the pain.  There were many occasions that I suffered diarrhea and I invoked my will by accessing the same energy field to suppress the urge to run to toilets. I could also invoke my Etheric Template Energy Field, Cobalt Blue, linked to the Throat Chakra, by compressing it to form an Virtual Armor to shield myself from negative energy.

Now, the crystals and stones are not only linked to the respective chakra but also covered the corresponding energy field of the chakra.

  1. The Base Chakra is linked to the Etheric Energy Body
  2. Sacral Chakra to Emotional Energy Body
  3. Solar Plexus to Mental Energy Body
  4. Heart Chakra to Astral Energy Body
  5. Throat Chakra to Etheric Template Body
  6. Third Eye Chakra to Celestial Body
  7. Crown Chakra to Ketheric Energy Body
Mind-Body Phenomena & Subtle-Energy Bodies | Douglas Kinney: A Grand Theory  of Everything

Never mind their technical names,  as we just have to understand that these energy bodies surround our physical body and their different vibration frequency interlace with one another,  as if like a virtual cocoon weaved around our physical body.  Some people can faintly make out their presence and we call it aura reading. 

Coming back to their relation with Quartz and Stones,  this is explained simplistically by Sympathetic Resonance. So, by wearing white quartz, its stronger and more consistent vibration frequency is strengthening your crown chakra and its Ketheric Energy Body. I put it that the stones focus your attention on the chakra and the associating energy field;  most importantly they provide the “Amplitude” to empower them.   This is a substitute for those who do not have my ability to access and concentrate on the energy field. 

And, this strength or Amplitude emitted by the stones can be further strengthened and prolonged through programming using our all-powerful thoughts.  Remember, I mentioned about quartz silicon chips in computer memory storage.  So, if we understand the process of using our thoughts to programme the stones, to enhance their power and to do our bidding, we could unravel the mysticism behind Sacred Consecration of Objects by the High Monks. In my training programme on quartz and stones,  I actually train the students experience at the elementary level the programming of the quartz.   

Quartz no doubt has consistent vibration frequency.  However, they lack the strength, or amplitude, unless they are activated. We relate it to Piezoelectricity where we apply a charge to cause it to oscillate, just like what they do to a quartz watch where the battery keeps up the constant oscillation. In our case, we also apply a charge using our thought energy on the quartz to empower it to help strengthen the desired chakra and energy field. Use of sound, in the form of Mantra, will also supplement our thought process to perform the charge up of the quartz.

By Anthony Leong

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