Stargazing as a Psychic Practice.


I became fascinated with gazing at stars after learning that one of our out-of-the-body body chakra is the Stellar Gate. Stellar Gateway (holding the essence of the Soul Star, the Galactic, and the Universal Chakras) is acting as a cosmic conduit, opening up a portal of energy that is a divine link to the 6th dimension and beyond


After I had acquired the ability to practice pore breathing through Qigong training, I could feel  that my skin could vibrate along with the twinkling of the distant stars, and the experience was exhilarating.


Since then, I have been looking for opportunities to do stargazing searching for the best location to have a clear view of the extraterrestrial bodies.


There was a period when I was hooked on to a particular creamy star which I could  at times spot from a park in my neighborhood. This obsession with yellow creamy star came about after I was taught a Balinese Hindu mantra by my Master, Bernard – “Om Yang Widi, Om Yang Rudra, Om Namaha Vijaya.” I was able to focus my attention on the cream coloured star and let it vibrate my Crown chakra.  I am supposed to draw the all powerful energy of the star by chanting the mantra and visualize it invoking the creamy star.


After practicing on the creamy star meditation,  I started to  experiment with and work on  the drawing the heavenly light column from above by visualizing a solitary  Golden Star in the infinity of the dark and expansive universe.   At times,  I identify this golden light as the Buddha light. I use it extensively when I perform blessing for others to cleanse and empower their energy bodies,  and for protection against negative entities.    Similarly,  I also draw upon the earth energy by visualizing a bright red star in the sea of darkness right into the core of earth.   These claims sound incredulous and skeptics would ridicule me as highly superstitious and insane. 


There is a way to differentiate  a planet from a star.  When you look at a distant star you could  see the twinkling effect and  feel the lively vibration, triggering  your skin pore chakra and the crown chakra.  When you look at a planet,  you could spot its static bright light radiating but there is no twinkling effect associating with it.  


In similar fashion,  I also have learned to draw the energy from the Sun and  the moon.



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