Spiritually Awaken Persons

Spiritual persons wo meditation

Many of us believe that the spiritual pathway is primarily attained through meditation, undergoing spiritual teaching or devotion to religions.

I remember coming across two individuals that impressed me with their overall refined aura,  and I believe they were not a result of dedicated meditation practice or adhering to spiritual or religious teachings.

One was a long time temple helper who spent the better part of his life tending to the overall upkeep and cleanliness of the temple compound.   He exuded a brilliant aura,  and a bright overall disposition,  and enjoy excellent health at the ripe old age.

Another person I chanced upon was a Caucasian nurse in a grey nursing uniform.  I too was amazed to see the almost saintly aura around her,  the alluring appearance of compassion behind her unblemished and silky complexion that defied her age. Maybe, she indeed meditated or followed  a religious or spiritual training but my understanding told me it was more to it.

In my reckoning,  these two individuals could have garnered the good auras exuding refined energy vibrations because of the exemplary manner they went about dedicating themselves to their work and serving others not only selflessly but with great passion.

I also feel that good people with a heart of gold and the willingness to sacrifice oneself to serve others can have the same spiritual awakening.   And,  we can identify them from among some of the noble professionals like doctors,  nurses,  teachers, and social workers.


By Anthony Leong




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