Sequel To My Post “Unusual Chakra – Part II”


I did not draw much references from classical texts on Chakra, be it Hindu or Western literature when I wrote about these Unusual Chakra. (

They are based on my own hands-on experience and observation which I have garnered over years of meditation practice. You have to personally connect with your own chakra system, and at a higher level other people’s chakra,  feel them positively at their different locations over our body. There is no room for wishy-washy make believed claim or humbug.  I have to admit that I do not see the chakra in their traditional forms and shapes, petals and colours,   as required by my first Master Mr. Liew,  and also as described in the various classical texts on the subject.

Another point I wish to make is that the Chakra system is almost similar to the Chinese system of acupuncture points and meridians. And, through training of Qigong meditation one can learn to internalize and feel the acupuncture points and the energy movements in the body, which I strongly believe would also lead us to discover the different chakra in our energy body.  For example,  the Crown Chakra is located at the acupuncture point of “Ba Hui” (百会),  the Third Eye is similar to Ying Tang(印堂)and  the Heart Chakra is the Shan Zhong (膻中),  the Sacral is  Dan Tian  (丹田/气海) and so on and so forth. ( )

An important feature of the chakra system is their relationship with the different energy fields in our body, and I have trained myself to connect them.  Reference:   MEDITATING TO ACCESS OUR ENERGY FIELDS ( )

Once you are aware of these Energy Fields with their corresponding Chakra,  you attain the ability to tap on them (the Energy Fields and not as commonly misunderstood the Chakra)  and harness them for your projection and deployment  of healing energy.

In my training courses, I have used the different colour stones to help my students activate the different chakra that is teaching my students how to feel their chakra using the vibrations of the different colour stones. (

Remember, 5000 years ago a Yogi meditated and discovered the existence of chakra and wrote treatises about them. 5000 years later can a modern man also sit meditate, go through the same experience of re-discovering the chakra, and learn how to use them?

Anthony Leong

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