Pinky Rose Quartz Raw Stone

This is an easily available and affordable variety of quartz that has excellent properties.  Overall, its naturally infused pink color resonates with warmth and love.  It helps all types of lonely and deprived souls, especially good for children and those who needed love when children.  It promotes harmonious relationship and it is a good stone for those looking for romance and those in the sales line who wish to improve their image with their customers.

Pink is also the color,   besides green, that is associated with the heart chakra, and its energy flows in with the circulation of the heart vessels. It is a good meditation stone when you are trying to meditate on your heart chakra. My first teacher, Mr. Liew Ah Bang, was fond of asking us to “sit on the Heart” – meaning focusing our attention on our Heart Chakra, approximately the point on our sternum when we meditate.   The Chinese Qigong masters also believe that if you wish to succeed in opening up the “Macro-cosmic Circulatory Channel”  大周天 after clearing the fundamental “Micro-cosmic Channel – 小周天” (please refer to my earlier post – The Qigong Breathing Method of Energy Movement.), one of the methods is to focus  attention over prolonged period on the acupuncture point – “ Shan Zhong”(膻中), also located on the sternum similar to the Heart Chakra.  Holding a piece of rose quartz in your receptive left hand while meditating would help in activating the Heart Chakra.

For those who have been suffering from heart-related ailments, or with to prevent against such sicknesses, it good to meditate or wear rose quartz as pendants, or bracelets.  Pink colored stones like rose quartz also help those who are suffering from kidney related malfunctions,  because of its regenerative property.   It is also soothing to the nerve and comes in handy in helping those with nerve disorders,  or those who need to recuperate after suffering from strokes.  In fact, when I perform energy healing, I transmit pink color, for example in trying to help those with nerve disorders in their limbs.  The pink color is a softer tone than the more volatile color red in speeding up recovery from wounds.   When I was young I remembered reading stories about how certain elderly actresses stayed youthful (Jane Fonda was one of them) in using pink color energy in meditation.   I have also encountered a popular beautician who patronized my rock shop years ago snapping up pink rose quartz massage wands.   She revealed to me that she used the wand to smoothen the wrinkles on the eye bags of her customers and charged S$200 per session.

I also recall fondly another of my former customer who bought from me heart-shaped rose quartz and positioned them on the desk of her sales staff in her company.  She came back and happily, reported that her sales figures went up after deploying the rose quartz.   Many people were inclined to dismiss this as mere coincidence, I mused.

I have been occasionally approached on Fengshui related solutions, or Chinese geomancy, though I do not count myself as a Master, or even a practitioner.  A close friend,  Mrs. Chua, whom I affectionately called  “Elder Sister”  came to me and complained about her rebellious teenage daughter.  I went to her house to check – more on the energy conditions and found that the door of her bedroom was in direct confrontation with the door to her daughter’s room.  This is an inauspicious feature according to traditional Fengshui reading, as the door symbolically represents the Chinese character “mouth” (口)  and when two doors or entrances facing opposite each other the occupants would likely to be quarrelsome to each other.  I told her to hang rose quartz doughnut pendant – each on the frame above the entrance of her bedroom and her daughter’s room.  (I cleansed the stones and empowered them to generate harmonious energy before deploying them),  About two months later,  she came running to me and delightfully reporting that her daughter had changed to become more obedient and understanding,  even helping out in household chores,  something she seldom did before.

Beside promoting harmonious relationship,  rose quartz is also a fertility stone.  The married couple who wish to have children are recommended to have a rose quartz ball,  about 100 mm,  in their bedroom.

The translucent pink color rose quartz is more common species of semi-precious stone whereas the almost transparent pink variety and those with star formation are considered gem quality.




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