Revisit Knowledge and Skillsets On Energy Healing.

I revisit some of my older practice and gain new insight into understanding their basics, and discovering innovative ways of improving upon them.

For example, I have long acquired the skill set of how to sense out the subtle energy fields that are connected to the chakra. Recently, I have discovered that I could manipulate my subtle energy field, the Ketheric connected to my Crown Chakra to neutralize energy blockage and pains in my body.

The energy vibration of the Ketheric is of the highest order among all the lower subtle energy fields and their corresponding chakra. I first concentrate my attention on the Crown Chakra and scan its outlaying subtle energy field. Simultaneously, I shift my attention to those part of my body, say my stomach, that needs healing. And, I next focus my mind as if to “dissolve” the affected parts and the associating pains or discomfort with the Ketheric energy field linked to my Crown Chakra. I have successfully deployed it to subdue those pains and aches; it holds great promise at healing more serious diseases and illnesses. I just need to practice harder to perfect the skillset.

In similar vein,  I could tap on the other subtle energy fields to try out the different modes of healing.  For example,  I tap on the Etheric Template energy field that is connected to my Throat Chakra to try alleviate throat and respiratory problems.  I have also tried out connecting with the Astral energy field linked to my Heart Chakra for general cleansing purpose. 


And, I have tried applying the healing technique to another person in my proximity. There is no physical contact as I just marshal my thoughts, concentrate on the person’s subtle energy field and his problematic area to perform the healing. Remote healing is also highly possible using this method.


By Anthony Leong


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