I have tried out remote healing but regretfully noted that its success rate is not very high. They are some sicknesses that you cannot simply heal. Easier to heal is the removal of energy blockages, which I have records of some success. Below are some of the personal tips in performing remote healing. Other more competent healers may find them rudimentary but I suppose they are a good start for those who wish to experiment or attempt remote healing


(1) Close your eyes, look into the mind’s screen.

(2) Some may need to meditate to enter Alpha state (brain — below 13 1/2 cycles per second). Some may need to do deep breathing exercise to center themselves.

(3) I recommend closing your eyes, gently and softly making an “Ah.. sound and drag it until you are nearly out of breath, Repeat it three times. The sound should come from below your diaphragm. When you open your eyes again, you should feel the environment becomes hazy. Then you can close your eyes and proceed.

(4) Form an intention to see the person.  For those you have not met personally,  look at their photographs.

(5) You would likely to see a silhouette of the person against a purplish background

(6) You would be able to see the energy fields extending from the silhouette.

(7) If you are very psychic you could see the person’s body and facial features.

(8) Scan the person from top to bottom and back to front a few cycles

(9) Notice where are the energy blockages characterized by denser obstructions or prickly sensations

(10) Sometimes you may also feel the pains mirroring in you, for example, if the patient has a chest pain or a migraine.


(1) I use a variety of methods: Etheric Pyramid, Energy Orb, Etheric Hands bringing down healing white lights, mantra chanting and use of Crystals and natural stones.

(2) I begin the healing process by rotating counter-clockwise the golden Etheric Pyramid. This is the general cleansing to remove the energy blockage and negative energy and improve the overall distribution of energy in the body.   Alongside, I may deploy the Energy Orb –  good for drawing out energy blockages and negative energies from the patient. (Energy Orb is the most powerful vacuum cleaner).  Energy Orb,  as a follow up to Etheric Pyramid,  is effective in drawing out energy blockage and negativity from localized regions such as a headache and chest congestion.

(3) Next,  I use the Etheric Five Thunder Fingers for sweeping away negativity and projecting healing energy. I normally divide the energy body of the person I am healing into eight parts from head to bottom – three in front, three at the back and two on each side for general sweeping.  For localized sweeping, I concentrate on the region that requires attention such as the back near the kidney areas.  Along with the sweeping,  I visualize whitish green and orange colors in my energy combs emitting from my etheric fingers.

(4) Following the sweeping action,  I work to bring down healing lights to the energy body of the patient for another round of cleansing and charging up.  Here,  I will their 7 chakras to open up using the shoulder width as a guide before mustering the healing light to descend and heal.

(5) Sometimes,  I use the right etheric hand to project lightest blue energy to fill up those areas which I feel might have vacuums caused by the removal of the energy blockage or negative energy.

(5) I use Mantra chanting together with healing light (l use Medicine Buddha mantra). Also should form an intention to heal while chanting.

(6) Crystals and Stones more for charging up and cleansing, and I use it in combination with the healing white lights.

Post Healing

(1) After healing, say prayers of thanks.

(2) Imagine you have a gigantic scissor to sever your link with the patient.

(Important so that you are not “infected” by the sicknesses of the patient.)

(3) Switch off, and return to whatever you are doing.

(4) May need to do self-cleansing by rotating the etheric pyramid counter-clockwise or basking yourself in the white light.

I have been successful in helping some patients to recover by improving their overall energy system.  One very successful example concerned the wife of my colleague who had stomach cancer about 10 years ago and had to undergo chemotherapy treatment.  Over six months,  I cleaned her of the harmful effect caused by the chemo treatment and continually charged her up with clean and positive healing energy.  Coupled with her strong willpower to get well and the mainstream western medical treatment,  she had a total remission and is still alive and healthy today,


Anthony Leong

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