Synchronicity In A Psychic Reading And Lucid Dreaming

I append below an old email between myself and a psychic friend Star that touched on her psychic reading and my astral dreaming. Star had through many years of hard work managed to access the “Hall of Records” to tap into our past lives. In this instance, as she was working on her reading for me, I was having a lucid dream which surprisingly coincided in the contents of the reading and my dreamscape, as if there is a miraculous synchronicity at play.


—– Original Message —–

From: Anthony Leong


Sent: Thursday, July 17, 2003 =:50 PM

Subject: Re: Past Life reading

Hello Vic

Thanks for the reading, and I should be the one to be apologetic for imposing on you at the time you were most = busied.  Exactly, I wanted to tell you to take your time.

Glad that the healing advice helped, colour energy healing is very effective.  If you are keen I can discuss more about it later.

On your reading about my past life, I had recurring dream for the past few nights similar to your reading.  I was some warrior defending my village against the marauders – cavalry bowmen.  The = landscape was desert-like, and the sun was blazing in the background.  In another dream, I thought I saw my son perished in flames during the attacks. In that dream, instead of using bow and arrows, I used  a lance that had a brush at its end.   I have been thinking that in my past lives, most of the incarnations I was a warrior, in a Red Indian tribal setting,  or in Persia and in China.   Somehow, I feel that as you were tapping into my astral dimension for my past life, I was at the same time reviewing mine in the astral dream state simultaneously.

And,  about my this life,  I have told  by my spiritual friends that I would become a teacher,  rather than a healer and a reader.  So, your reading is accurate.   Strangers also walked up to me in foreign countries and told me things that surprised me.

When your turn comes to run NAH, you can be assured of my full support.   As I have mentioned to you, I am building up my own MSN group to cater to =people from the South East Asian regions.  Maybe, as you have predicted that this is a sort of launching pad to prepare me for the coming teaching career.

Warmest Regards


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