The Universe Listens To Your Prayers

I wrote about the mantra Om which I perceive as a continuous hum that emits from the universe.   I have grown to realize that if you still your mind absolutely you could tap into the great universe and discern this continuous omnipotent Om sound –  the song of the Universe.    By practicing chanting the Om, you could attain a level eventually where your personally vocalized Om could connect and resonate with this Universal Om,  thereby enhancing your use of this all-powerful root syllabus mantra.   This is akin to the principle of sympathetic resonance. When you close your eyes,  still your mind and listen intently,  you could pick up this sacred sound frequency.

So,  it is the same when you chant your mantras or say your prayers,  you could imagine that they are dispersed outward into the infinity of the universe.   You also expect that the Higher up Divine Beings would hear you,  and respond to your prayers.

And,  when you close your eyes and meditate,  you could hear the reverberations of your chanting and prayers as if they are resonating in the universe too.  And,  you continue to medicate and focus on receiving feedback on this far-reaching echo of your own voice.



By Anthony

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