Power of Our Thoughts To Manifest

There have been instances where I muster the power of my thoughts to perform manifestation. The objects of the thoughts need not be of a grander scale. The examples I am citing below may appear trivial and insignificant but their eventual materialization is no doubt amazing.



Just yesterday, I was desperately looking for a small pin to open the SIM card slot in my mobile phone. I frantically search high and low for it, prying into all the hidden corners in my house but could not locate the tiny object. Finally, the metallic pin from out of nowhere mystically appeared on my kitchen basin.



There was yet another occasion when I recovered long lost item – a 0.5-carat diamond that fell off from my much-treasured onyx gold ring while I was doing renovation work in a kitchen of my former house. I was desperately thinking and looking for it, and sometime later I eventually found the tiny diamond in a vinyl pipe which I was about to discard away.



Previously, for many years I was yearning to own a house on a higher floor and kept on thinking about it. For a long time, I was daydreaming of an opportunity to practice meditation high up on some mountains I was prepared for a trade-off if I could live in my own flat on the higher floor with cleaner air and an unobstructed view of greenery and the sea. One day opportunity came knocking when an ex-colleague of my wife chanced upon her and inform her of her intention to sell her flat. Coincidentally, her flat was located on the 15th floor in our neighborhood estate directly facing the Johor Straits. And, it brought about an added bonus of the unit being conveniently located in the same block and one floor below where my younger son and his family were living.




In the past, there were numerous occasions when I yearned to own dream cars, and the thoughts were rewarded one way or rather. For example, 20 years ago I dreamed of driving a Mercedes Bentz, and eventually, I took over ownership of a Mercedes 280 old model unexpectedly from my younger brother.




The power of our thoughts cannot be underestimated. Years of meditation and indulgence in energy vibration practice could be the keys to my ability to manifest some of my personal desire. But, tried as hard as I could, I did not have much luck hitting the jackpot in lottery games.


By Anthony Leong

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