Placebo Effect In Energy Healing – A Re-post

Some years ago,  I spoke with a practitioner of Chinese medicine (TCM) and he lamented about the proliferation of self-proclaimed healers who could supposedly harness energy to heal.  He brought up an interesting point of Placebo effect in energy healing,  where the healer was suffering from a delusion that he could heal and the “patient” followingly believed that he was feeling better and the healing was successful.  My friend, Chen,  a  Chinese qualified SinSeh (“Doctor” in Chinese lingo),  is himself an advanced Qigong practitioner and he was the one who gave me the idea of using etheric hands.
Placebo Effect Of Healing
Now,  if indeed the “patient” has been successfully healed,  even if it is the result of a placebo effect,  I would say “so be it!”.  But what is worrisome is the patient himself becomes deluded that he is completely healed,  does not seek further medical treatment and ends up worse off.   There are too many commercially motivated healing courses that charge exorbitant fees to offer “quick fixed”   training to healer wannabes these days.  The ability to harness universal energy to heal in most cases comes with long years of practice and training under the right methods,  constant meditation,  and right character building,   and cannot in most cases be duplicated within one or two days of compact courses.
Throughout the years,  on and off I have had self-doubts whether whatever  I believe that I could manage the energy,  diagnose the sickness problems through psychic sensing and heal others were figments of my own imaginations.  I have tested and tested my methods over and over again until I am convinced that there is some validity in them. I am a strong believer that a healer must first apply the healing modalities on himself,  and have confidence that they work before he ventures to treat others.  He must first  make himself a guinea pig.
And,  I have always forewarned those people who come to me with problems that I only help them to improve their energy systems so much so they have a better chance of recovery;  and they must continue to seek conventional medical treatments and take whatever medications prescribed for them by their doctors.
By Anthony Leong

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