Glossary of Mineral Stones

AVENTURINE: Also known as Indian jade, like most green stones, it carries the healing powers of the green earth. Heals the heart by releasing emotional stress, allowing reuniting of the healthy heart and soul. Commonly has shiny silver or pyrite flecks enhancing energy flow to other body areas. The aventurine is used to strengthen mental powers and eyesight. Gamblers use this stone to increase their luck. The all-round luck stone will enhance your creative talents For those doing business, display an aventurine ball (more than 100 mm) in the left wealth corner of the shop unit opposite the entrance to attract good business.

AGATE (Blue Lace): The pleasing light blue color of Blue Lace, is soothing to the throat and it is used on the third eye area between the eyebrows as a sedative for the nerves. Relieves stress, non-allergenic tension, and headaches. Reduces family quarrels. Soothes most throat ailments. Aids the flow of expression. (Acts on the 5th toward the 6th chakras.) Teachers should wear one to enhance and protect their throat chakra.

AGATE (Fire):  The fiery red of fire agate lit up the whole system. It’s a good memory stone and tissue regenerator. It balances, grounds and protects those doing ‘light’ work. Earth and fire are combined into the mineral Worn in Ancient Rome to guard against insect bites, heal the blood, and promote peace

AGATE (Moss): The plant-like inclusions in the stone improves circulation in blood and lymphatic systems. Aids digestion and elimination are smoothened. The green inclusions form a link to nature for our subconscious. Due to its curious markings like trees or moss, it is a gardeners talisman. It is also used for spells for riches, happiness, and long life.

AMBER:  Featured in the film Jurassic Park, the solidified pine sap strengthens tissues of the brain and nervous system and draws disease from body tissues. Helps relieve asthma and rheumatism.  Purifies the etheric body by absorbing negative energy. Increases the intelligent level of school going kids.  Cleanse regularly with water and air baths. Recharge it under the morning sun.

AMAZONITE (Microcline):

Pale turquoise-colored mineral, it is visually soothing. Synchronizes the heart and throat chakras. It also activates thought energies as well for completely balanced expression.  A gamblers’ lucky stone. Aids in the transition for dying persons from the material realm to the non-physical dimensions.

AMETHYST:  Amethyst, a purple quartz, are commonly used to overcome alcoholism, protect, heal, bring courage and happiness. Assists the mind’s surrender to the higher spiritual energies. Stills the mind during meditation and calms for sleep with inspired dreams. Good for improving eyesight,  and helpful in developing your Third Eye.   Geode formation aids Feng-shui in bringing luck and protecting the house against negative vibrations. It activates the intellect in the amethyst ray. Display one in the study room to help children to concentrate better in their studies. This purple stone is steeped in ancient magic.

APATITE (Blue):  Opens the throat chakra, reduces tension and will also reduce stuttering. It improves expression. A rare formation is the apatite cat’s eye

AQUAMARINE (Transparent Blue Beryl): It promotes psych-ism, peace, courage, and is the sea-goddesses of Ancient Egypt’s stone. Aquamarine is a protective amulet and can be worn to relieve pain and ensure good health aid to protect against baldness and liver disease. Reduces fluid retention, activates thymus gland to calm coughs and nervousness. Helps one learn about the inner self and universal truths.

AZURITE:  A dark blue stone, it stimulates psychic powers and inspirations, improves visuals in meditation. Activates spleen and thyroid while strengthening the etheric body, dissolving darkness.

AZURITE/MALACHITE:  Healing green of malachite softens the azurite’s powerful blue energy. Combination activates and heals congested areas. Comforts and reduces stress. Heals liver and skin tissue.

BLOODSTONE: The green and red combination grounds and cleanses the physical body and helps with all blood disorders. The specific form of Jasper with the symbolic red spots imbued into green stone. Provides mental balance and increases courage. A great stone to connect the base and heart chakra. Holding one during meditation causes surge of energy from base chakra to the heart chakra. Another good wealth attracting talisman which you may place in the cash register together with your cash takings.

BLUE CALCITE:  Colon and liver are cleansed by blue calcite. Worn on the body it is a calmer and is as effective as a sedative after emotional trauma such as the death of a loved one. A great stress reliever, it good to have a blue calcite ball in your office.

BOJI STONE (Pop-Rock):  A mixture of pyrite and fossils, it is found in North America and usually comes in a pair of female and male stones. Provides subconscious training to humans wanting to bond with nature, specifically plants. A bridge between the mineral and plant kingdoms. Communication is especially telepathic. Aligns all chakras.

BRASS:  An alloy of copper and tin with deep healing properties like bronze. Also assists in hair growth and skin rejuvenation.

BRONZE: An alloy of copper and tin. Deep impact on the bones, blood and cell level. Its graceful shine promotes the inner rhythms necessary for healing and alignment.

CALCITE (White, Honey, Green, orange): White improves memory and augments astral travel. (A rare species is the rainbow calcite). Honey stimulates kidneys to remove body toxins and also assists with action, and green variety promotes joy. Orange calcite is a recommended stone for entry-level to meditation with stones.

CARNELIAN:  A combination of orange and red, the mineral represents strength and fertility of Earth. Helps actualize personal power on the physical plane. Protects and grounds the wearer’s attention to the eternal present. Improves the sense of touch and increases inner receptivity. Known to help many with asthma. Aids concentration and promotes creativity. Enhances male libido.

CAT’S-EYE:  The cat’s eye is used to promote wealth, beauty, healing and again is good for gambling. The Ancient Asian cat’s eye was a form of chrysoberyl. It is worn to increase the beauty and preserve youthfulness. Can dispel depression and gives pleasure. Present day cat’s eye may contain a heavy dose of radiation artificially infused by men to enhance the value of stone for a quick profit.

CATHEDRAL QUARTZ (also called Water or Skeletal Quartz):  Smoky quartz ridges on faces pull in earth energy and combine it with clear quartz etheric energies to provide a strong and balanced effect. Since water is often found trapped in these crystals, it has that magic trans-formative flow as well. Many positive aspects of these crystals may be summed up by the keynote traits of connectivity and balance. The cathedral formation suggests an ancient library of ancient wisdom.

CELESTITE:  The sky-blue stone tunes consciousness to the higher planes. Improves mental powers and communication. The brittle formation brings relief to a stressful mind.

CHLORITE-INCLUDED QUARTZ:  Programmed, this form of quartz is an exceptional healing tool related to the entire ingestion, digestion, and elimination cycle. When activated by rubbing vigorously between the palms, it can provide healing to ulceration problems. Breaks down carbohydrates and allows proper assimilation in the body. An excellent crystal for vegetarians or plant lovers in general, and when programmed and placed in the garden, they are a constant reminder to the plants of your love and appreciation for them. Green chlorite inclusions are said to bring career wealth to the wearers.

CHRYSOCOLLA:  Strengthens the lungs and thyroid and reduces anger and fear. Releases stress and is balancing to the emotions and the mind. Its high copper contents are useful to those suffering from arthritis and rheumatism

CHRYSOPRASE:  An apple green stone, it enlivens insight for resolution of personal problems. Increases selflessness and love in actions. Its’ crisp-looking green has a high octave. It is supposed to contain an element of gold, making it an excellent healing stone, especially for cleansing energy blockages.

CITRINE: Increases awareness and control of mind and emotions. Enhances digestion and improves circulation of blood. A priced possession for Chinese who believe it attracts wealth and offers protection against negativity.

COPPER: Metal improves metabolism, reduces inflammation and increases blood flow. Helps with arthritis and rheumatism. A friend used to rub on it to enhance his concentration in studies.

CORAL (Red, Pink, White):  All have complementary attributes but red accents more masculine vibrations. It calms and attunes to the earth energies and provides protection. Acts as an astringent to mucous membranes and helps with fever, colds, asthma and digestive problems. The Indian use it as a healing stone. It is said that the stone will become discolored once the wearer is afflicted with illnesses. The uncommon coral stones are those that come in black or gold colors.

DIAMOND:  Clears crown chakra of mental and physical blockages. Maintains spiritual unity and offers protection from poisonous influences. Is a premier conduit of spirituality. Excessive diamond in women might cause them to be overbearing, aggressive and be having an insatiable sexual appetite. (Onyx is used on the other hand to curb excessive libido)

* DIOPSIDE: Normally a dark stone with a cross formation, it is excellent as a meditation tool. Aids recall of childhood memory and is particularly useful in helping one to come to terms with child abuse. Polished Star Diopsides bring some of the light out of the somewhat drab stone. (There is a rare green variation of diopside). Offers protection against negativity. In the hands of an advanced practitioner, it can be used to emulate qualities of other stones.

EMERALD:  A regal stone, it improves all heart functions including love and kindness to others. Calms the mind and relieves eyestrain. A wealth generating stone. Brings luck to wearers.

FLUORITE: Stone of the New Age, it increases mental powers. It has no long history of magical uses but is now being discovered. It may be found at craft tables in the form of glass-like coke bottle green cubes. Brings higher realities into the physical plane and balances mental energies. It actualizes, increases life forces and expands mental power. Blue fluorite can be placed on the forehead to relieve headaches besides clearing the mind of stress from fast-paced living. Some people use fluorite to strengthen the effects of other stones. Green Fluorite can be used for cleansing other stones and objects.

FOSSILS:  Strong life-force preserved inside fossils. Holding them and meditating can be very uplifting when this stored energy is tapped. Some advanced practitioners use it to connect to their past lives. Provides a natural link for those wishing to develop conscious bonding with the animal kingdom.

GARNET-RED (Almandine or Spessartine):  Stimulates blood flow and inspires love. Deep red color has the needed power to aid in anemia. Drawing energy from deep inside, creativity is inspired during meditation with this mineral Helps clear all energy blockade. Enhances all areas of passion. Offer not only protection against negativity but also thieves.

GOLD:  Master stabilizer, balancer, and a grounder. Prevents personal and spiritual corrosion. An all-purpose healer, especially for the heart.

GRANITE: Matrix has same properties of clear quartz in a more dispersed pattern, much like quartz clusters. A good foundation stone in building structures to generally uplift the energies of a place. As with other prevalently seen stones in our everyday world, we must remember not to take this stone for granted.

HAWK’S EYE (Falcon’s Eye): Enables one to have a bird-eye view. Strengthens eyes. Good meditative stone.

HEMATITE: Records what occurs around it, and the scenes can be viewed as if reeling through a movie. Excellent for mental attunement. Used for meditation and for connecting to earth energy. Helpful for blood disorders, nervous complaints and healing broken bones. Helps blood circulation – those with weak blood circulation in their lower limbs should wear hematite bands in their legs. The reflective surface has the ability to mirror away negativity.

HERKIMER DIAMOND: A stone, a high-quality clear quartz, usually double terminated, is found in Herkimer County in New York. This crystal cleans static from the aura and higher energy bodies plus toxins from the physical body. Used for clear energy transmission, therefore, good in communicating with higher forces. Commonly used over third eye at night for dream work or during meditation to enhance connection. Its high ranged vibrations are not suitable for sensitive individuals.

IOLITE: The deep blue stone is dubbed as a poor man’s version of sapphire. An opener of the head region, from the throat chakra to the third eye and the crown. A discernment stone, drawing on other senses, bringing a true/false reading to the heart level.

JADE: Helps connect for dreamwork causing spiritual learning with physical plane impact. Assists drawing on past life wisdom especially related to the oriental traditions. Has a therapeutic effect on many glands and organs and the circulatory system. A wealth stone. Offers protection to the wearer.

JASPER: Stimulates a sense of smell and promotes general healing.  Aids tissue regeneration and stimulates the immune system. Yellow Jasper stimulates the heart area. Red is used for bronchial problems. Brown is for grounding. Green Jasper has overall healing use when worn or held in the hands. Picture Jasper enhances creativity in artists and also slows down aging…

JET (Lignite): A type of coal formed from carbonized wood. Revered as a protector against illness and personal attack by many ancient European civilizations. People were even buried with it to protect them in the afterlife. Women in England normally wear them to a funeral. Good protective stone against negative elements. Used specifically for a toothache by the Greeks.

KUNZITE (Pink Spodumene): Regenerative agent for the cardiovascular system. Opens heart love in a balanced way connects one to highest life and love forces and promotes soul unification. Provides stress relief from emotional traumas with meditation.

KYANITE:  Strengthens throat and enhance creativity, communication, and inner peace. Used to connect with energy from outer realms to our etheric fields. Calming and tranquilizing. It is said to be a good Kundalini stone. (So is Lapis).

LABRADORITE: Night vision is enhanced by stone. Sensitizes ability of human’s heat sensing apparatus to detect how close objects are. Heat sensing ability begins with being able to see auras – an electrosensitive skill. Develops to the next octave higher, ability to gauge distance accurately from the level of energetic impulse is increased. Excellent stone for blind people. Hold it in palm for around 10 minutes, and allow it to sensitize your hands so that you are able to feel the vibration of crystals and stones.

LAPIS LAZULI:  Provides mental calming and enhances the strength of will. Increases psychic ability and allows for spiritual growth.  Assists with the growth of interpersonal relationships. Lapis was used extensively in ancient Egypt. Commonly included with white calcite or golden pyrite, both helping it to integrate the indigo energy into the body. The golden pyrite inclusion makes it a wealth generating stone. Placing it on the head might induce Kundalini force to surge from the base for some individuals.

LARIMAR: Another light blue stone, it is good for curing a common cold, coryza. Said to be a volcanic stone, it captures the essence of blue flame, points where the flame burns hottest. Provides internal fire of the proper stage for expression, allowing all residuals of toxins to be emitted safely and healthfully. Works well in conjunction with herbs, especially fireweed and coltsfoot. Promotes the externalization of internal beauty and intensity.

LEPIDOLITE: A pink and violet mixed formation, it is an excellent relaxer for the environment. Ideal sleep mate for the bedside table or headboard area. Very subtle, harmonizing well with energies and vibrations of other minerals. Violet hue softly works on third chakra to remove negative forms and in turn balances emotional energies. Use in meditation, it helps activate the Heart and Third Eye Chakra simultaneously.

LODESTONE (MAGNETITE): Strengthens aura and helps rid the body of toxins. Promotes stability by balancing polarities (yin and yang), allowing overall healing. Increases personal power and attracts people to the One. Used to charge pyramids and crystal formations when placed at the corners –

MALACHITE: Like Lapis, it is another ancient stone which the Egyptians believed to have good protective abilities. Placed directly on affected area to absorb illness energies whether they are physical or emotional problems. (Cleanse after use). Moves energy from the higher planes and grounds it into the green earth. Used in meditation or focused concentration, it brings out true reality of the subject to the person.

MOLDAVITE (TEKTITE): Seer and spiritual stone. Causes electrical impulse/frequency alterations on a temporary or semi-permanent basis depending on the frequency of use. The out-of-this-world green ray applied to the third eye automatically provides healing knowledge to be available to the user. Promotes healing of brain / nervous system network especially by consciously drawing white light through the chakras while having it on the third eye. A meteorite, it is known to Chinese as a demon stone, causing momentary unconsciousness to novices and thus endangering them, especially while they are driving or working on machines.

MOONSTONE: A true balancer of emotions. Besides normal heart placement, can be used on will center to link to higher consciousness with protection. Specifically provides synchrony with moon-based cycles (menstrual and biorhythm). In some instances, they are known to help childless women conceive and help relieve some skin related illnesses.

OBSIDIAN: Protection stone for sensitive or psychic people. Grounds higher energies through base chakra. Balances the digestive and intestinal systems. A useful stone for seasoned healers to absorb negative energy from their patients during the healing process.

OBSIDIAN (APACHE TEAR): Provides psychic protection and grounding as symbolized by the light shining through the darkness. Draws light to the base chakra. It is a translucent obsidian and carried for a good luck charm. The Native American Indian Shaman held this stone in great esteem.

OBSIDIAN (BLACK):  Wizard Stone, holds back negativity. Exists simultaneously in more than one dimension. Its presence aids positive vibratory force of those entities and those material surroundings within its force field. Draw healing to the asker. Highly recommended for all psychics, especially those who do a lot of energy healing.

OBSIDIAN (GOLDEN SHEEN): Combines grounding and protecting traits with the upper chakra golden hues to provide an integrating and invigorating effect when worn or applied on base chakra. Brings golden ray into earth energy area (1st chakra) and activates will on the way.

OBSIDIAN (GREEN):  A companion stone, providing energy to other crystals and minerals and is a friend to them. Unties energy knots in the heart chakra. Use Green Obsidian to heal the trauma of dropped and chipped crystals.

OBSIDIAN (MAHAGONY):  Inhibits the development of negative energies from everyday environment. Cleanse often in white light.

OBSIDIAN (SNOWFLAKE): A more common type of obsidian, it is a good stone to use in times of change for a balanced attitude. Useful in meditation, teleportation, astral travel, psychic connection and reconnection with the soul group, planet or galaxy. Aids psychic hearing and stimulates and promotes transformation.

ONYX:  This mineral enhances visions. Worn too frequently by people not aware of what it can do for the experienced practitioner. Best for meditation and dream emphasis. Used with apache tear for protection. Energizer to the system, it is also a general nerve soother and emotional centering agent. Used as a fever reducer. Helps subdue excessive libido.

OPAL: Harmony is the accent on the emotional, mental and psychic level. In its red/orange (fire), black, jelly blue and white/yellow forms, its impact is accented for different body areas, acting as a tonic and regenerator. Opal is known to accentuate the prevalent tendency of a person, positive or negative.

 PEARl:  Pearl, like amber, jet, and mother of pearl, is the product of a living creature. It attracts love, money, protection, and luck. Since the oyster must be killed to obtain the pearl, the use of pearls in magic may carry a heavy debt. Pearls have long inspired religious and magical lore. The Romans imported pearls from Egypt where they worn to grant favors from Isis. The early Chinese thought pearls fell from the sky when dragons fought amongst the clouds. They are connected with the moon so that they should only be worn at night for magic. Pearls come in many different colors and have many specific magical uses.

PERIDOT:  They promote protection, health, wealth and sleep. Peridot is worn or carried for general healing purposes. Its deep green hue suggests peridot’s use in wealth attracting spells. It is also found in meteorites.

PETRIFIED WOOD:  Petrified wood consists of ancient trees that eons ago fell and were covered with mineral-rich water. The water dissolved the wood and replaced it with various minerals. Long hardening process turns this into a composite of Jasper, agate and other minerals. A vitality and disease protection stone. Principal characteristic is great age and solidified change. Helps one with past life recall during meditation. Promotes wealth and offer protection,  promotes longevity, past life regression, healing, and protection. Because of its great antiquity, it can be carried about to increase enjoyment of the evolution within our present-day lives. It is also carried as a charm against drowning. For attracting wealth and dispelling negativity, it is recommended to have one with your house number or your family name etched onto it and display at your entrance.

PLATINUM:   Highly conductive nature combined with the grey color moves energy to the base chakra area and relieves constipation.   Helps one let go of heavy depressive feelings which tend to dampen the spirit. Particularly empowering for the feminine energy.

PYRITE:  Assists with concentration and memory, excellent for students. Also for developing a spiritual vision and psychic abilities. Resonates with the energy of the sun. Use at the third eye for spiritual development and use at solar plexus for enhancing personal and psychic powers. Influence eyes, brains, and bloodstream. Good protector against negative vibrations and can attract wealth. One manner of wearing it is to have a pyrite doughnut and string it together with an ancient Chinese coin, the one with the hole in the center.

QUARTZ, CLEAR:  A multi-purpose stone, it links oneness throughout the earth. Gives it the significance of stabilizer of divine forces on this plane. Used for general toning and healing, and acts as a medium for meditation communication with all levels of spiritual life. Balanced polarity and common properties with many of our body’s cells and substances, making it an aid to our physical and emotional well-being. Because of its high frequency, it has the ability to screen off the harmful radiation caused by LEF (Low electrical frequency) from TV and computer monitors. Recommend to have a small quartz terminator in front of your monitors.

 QUARTZ, ROSE:   Quartz of the heart, an emotional release and balancing stone. Pink color resonates warmth and love. Helps all types of lonely and deprived souls. esp good for children and those who needed love when children. Promotes harmonious relationship. Rose energy flows in with the circulation of the heart vessels. Good stone for those looking for romance and those in the sales line.

QUARTZ, RUTILATED:  Adds energy and life force to the clear quartz properties.  A regenerator of people, crystals, and plants. Helps one to resist aging and the general cellular breakdown caused by time. Rutilated qualities provide an electrical zap that helps stimulate the nervous system. Good for patients recovering from strokes. Also known as a cupid’s stone – folklore has it that married women should avoid these stones as wearing them might attract unwanted attention from opposite sex.

QUARTZ, SMOKY:  Physically assists the entire lower body, clearing and cleaning on the physical and emotional level. Brings white light down through the body to the base of the spine. Helps dissolves energy blockade in the body. Provides grounding energy for successful action and naturally stimulates the adrenals.

RHODOCHROSITE:  Moves heart and emotional energy to the lower body to integrate higher and lower energies, creating the totality of spiritual and physical energies. Cleans and amplifies the aura and other subtle bodies. Like rose quartz, it also attracts romance.

 RHODONITE:  Reduces emotional imbalance as it blends the heart pink with the dark root chakra colors. Helps one achieve self-actualization. Improves the sense of hearing as it is a sound sensitive mineral. Good stone for those practicing mantra chanting. While rose quartz promotes idealistic affection, Rhodonite tempers love with practicality.

 RUBY:  Strengthens the heart emotionally and focuses on the ability to love. Provides energy boost, and increases personal courage. Provides emotional and physical stability – a preserver. Heals blood disorders and provides courage to the wearer.

SALT:  Long been a sacred substance, salt is used for purification. It can be mined from the earth or collected from shallow water basins. Salt is necessary for life, yet overabundance can cause death. It is related to the earth elements. It is used to purify gemstones. You bathe your stones in salt to remove all negative energies. Salt is a mineral of crystalline structure, and if you look at it through a microscope you will see that it is composed of regular, six-sided cubes. Westerners believe that it can be used to dispel negativity – have you heard of the old saying throw salt over your shoulders. In blessing a new house, you mix salt with rice and scatter them at all the corners and dark places.

 SAPPHIRE:  Amplifies intuitive ability. Aids meditation or prayer as it provides mental calming. The complementary effect is on the digestive system, helping with assimilation on a physical level. The total effect is healing and centering, physically and mentally. Yellow sapphire is considered rare, and it is used to attract wealth while Indian women wear it to help them bear children. Another version is the “asterisk” star sapphire which is another excellent stone used to protect against negativity.

 SELENITE (Halo Rock):  Mental and spiritual expander. A magical and powerful tool with particular benefit to practitioners of healing, meditation, and the alchemical arts. Many of the clusters have absorbed mysteries which can be unlocked and revealed to the sensitive or psychic individual. Arrowhead, desert rose, hourglass, floret and fishtail shapes show its variety of powers of manifestation.

 SILVER:  A general disinfectant and cleanser, works on the entire physical and subtle body systems. Emotional and mental stress releaser due to its purity and conductivity combination. Five highest chakras are activated when this element is worn

SODALITE:   Metabolic balance of the glandular and lymphatic system is an important effect of this mineral. High blue color shows its spiritual signature trait. Provides activation to the third eye area. Said to helps lower blood pressure.

 SUGILITE (LUVULITE, ROYAL LAZEL):  Deep purple color balances body’s uppermost glands (pineal and pituitary), and connects spiritual levels with the physical body. Heavenly healing forces flooding system, helping with all modern stress-related diseases, even cancer. Good gift for sensitive and psychic, especially children.

SULFUR:  Sulfur’s sunny color an unlocking force to enhance physical vitality and beauty. Draws impurities from the body’s lymphatic system, relieve colds, sinus problems and helps build the immune system. It is supposed to protect one against snakes and insects.

TEKTITE (Brown or Black):  Comprised of various minerals affected by intense heat when coming to earth from other parts of the universe. Helps us link up with the extraterrestrials and also tune into our own other world past lives. Good protective stone against negative elements.

TIGER’S EYE (Cherry Red):    Excellent stone for public oratory, presentations, etc.  Enhance confidence in oneself and the subject being presented. Allows clarity of thought to be projected with a profound sensitivity to the needs of the audience. With hermetic inclusions, a sage combination meaning that the wisdom of the total self is more easily brought into the dimensional reality of the user. Throat chakra mineral with resonance in the other chakras, thus individual harmonics are bridges to facilitate greater expression of self and the knowledge of total self.

 TIGER’S EYE (Golden Yellow):  Innately carrying a high vibrational charge, yet grounding energy. Good for those spaced-out, uncommitted to life, or unable to manifest their will through action. Brings courage to timid individuals. Good for concentration and focusing energy. Relieves a headache.

 TOPAZ:  Another regal stone, especially imperial golden topaz is sought after by advanced spiritual practitioner. Red, yellow and orange topaz work with the digestive system, helps assimilation of nutrients and energy. Gem quality golden and white topaz is an opener to the spiritual fire at the crown.

 TOURMALINE:  Activates associated chakras from black at the first; red (rubellite) at the second; brown/orange (dravite) at the third; green (elbaite), pink and watermelon at the fourth; blue (indicolite) at the fifth; cat’s eye at the sixth; clear at the seventh. Emotional stabilizer, it draws off the static and tunes the nervous system.

TURQUOISE:  Longevity increased by its ability to protect the primary body systems from pollution. Provides overall toning physically and emotionally gives its wearer vibrancy. Selected as a sacred stone by the Native Americans whose warriors wore them when they went to wars. Good protective stones against physical dangers, especially for those drivers who are more accident prone.

 ZIRCON:  Stimulates spiritual knowing and provides emotional protection. An individual can become a truly independent force by tapping this mineral energy. A poor man’s substitute for diamond.

ZOISITE: Primary area of impact is to stimulate the root chakra.   With better flow in this area, a person’s overall energy level and adrenal balance are enhanced. The stone often comes with ruby inclusion, is another libido enhancer. It is also said to help one to communicate with the spirits.

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