People Can Draw Energy From Other People

It is suggested that people can draw energy from one another. It gives the scary impression of an energy vampire leeching on other people’s energy.
What actually happens is that there is an exchange of energy when two or more persons are in proximity. When people are near to one another, their energy bodies, or what we call aura, overlap and intercede. When that happens, the person with stronger and domineering energy exerts a stronger influence on the energy makeup of the rest of the persons in the group, who are likely to gravitate towards him.
And, if there are more people in the group exhibiting the same emotional energy vibration, the few in the gathering would be drawn to follow them. Say, if it is a joyous mood, the group would be influenced and become livelier, whereas a melancholic mood would infect the congregation to be feeling sorrowful.
It is said that in some violent demonstrations, some psychics could pick up a sea of dark red hostile energy in the air that would even influence and draw innocent bystanders into joining the raging mob.
In an interaction between two individuals, it is still possible for a trained person to extract and even deplete the energy from another person. He does it by marshaling his thoughts to control and tap on the other person’s energy body.
However, a person who has attained the ability to manage energy vibration seamlessly would never do that. He could draw positive and refined energy from other realms such as the divine for blessing and healing or the earth for grounding, or even the nourishing trees. There is no need for him to feast on the inferior and uncleaned energy of a fellow human being.

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