Our Skin – An Unusual Minor Chakra

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Our skin is  considered as the largest organ in our body, and counted as an unusual minor chakra as a group.  The ancient Chinese Qigong text described it as 84000 pores through which one could inhale and exhale energy.  There is one Taoist Meditation method which uses visualization of the Three Sacred Fire ( 三昧真火)  that we are to draw into our body through the 84000 pores(八萬四千毛竅),  and build a cauldron of flame in our DanTian (丹田) Hara sub-chakra (Sacral Chakra).


Meditating on the skin sub-chakra involves willing the pores to open and close and expelling and inhaling energy.   This is also known as “Womb Breathing” (胎息)emulating the breathing of baby in the mother’s womb.    In doing this,  I minimize my natural breathing in and out through my mouth/nose.   I regularly practice this skin breathing meditation just before I fall asleep.


According to some Qigong classics, there is no need to cut off entirely the breathing through the mouth and nose.   The requirement is to regulate our breath through our normal respiratory systems to be as ” fine”  as possible and synchronize it with the opening and closing our the pores.   An Italian medical doctor who also learned meditation with me commented that I had acquired the ability to manipulate the para-sympathetic system to control the movements of my pores.


One of my former colleagues who had been practicing Tai-chi and Qigong for many years also meditates on the pores.  He claimed his wife complained of the stench of urine emanating from his body after he practiced the meditation.   We agreed that the odor came from the perspiration which traps the toxic elements from our body as we perform the pore breathing exercise.  Over the period of time, such odor would disappear completely as we continually cleanse our body through the skin breathing exercise.


I have discovered that this exercise could help cure some skin illnesses.  When I have itchiness, I would first locate the spot of itch, will my pores over there to open up and forcibly breathe out as many times as possible through these openings for immediate relief.   And, over time,  I am confident that this method always works.

Another function of the skin or pore sub-chakra is its ability to pick up and sense vibration from the surrounding, besides their normal sensory ability to feel temperate of warm and cold.   To the common folk, this is akin to hair standing on ends or having goosebumps when one senses some eeriness in the environment.   If one has attained a level of consciousness in energy, he is able to pick up negative energies in the surrounding that may cause unusual itchiness on the skin or needle prickling sensation on the fingers and toes.  Or, he may feel some strange sensation of a dense energy exerting a heavy pressure on the skin.


In my energy consulting sessions,   I will the pores on client’s body, especially the face, to open up to purge whatever toxic material that is beneath the skin.  When I do it, I could visibly see the enlarged pores and feel the needle pricking energies dispersing all over.  I would follow up by making sure the pores are closed and apply positive energy from my right projecting palm in circular movements on the face.  I particularly concentrate polishing a few important wealth locations on the face –, the mouth,  the nose,   the chin, 2 jaw points, the 2 cheek points, the forehead,  the eyes and eye bags. I call it facial polishing, and the results could be immediately seen with the smooth and radiant complexion showing up on my customers’ face.  I use to tell my clients that lady luck favors those with a shining face.


Pietersite is the stone that helps to meditation on the skin pore sub-chakra.  It is supposed to help relieve skin related illnesses through meditation and wearing it as bangles,  anklets or pendants.

Pietersite Beads


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