Our Skin – An Unusual Minor Chakra

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  1. […] (4)  Lie Like A Bow – Lucky Lying Position or sleeping like a bow is used for sleeping meditation.  You lie on your Right side because if you do it on your Left you would be putting pressure on your heart.  Your draw up your legs and sleep in a crouched position,  as if you are a foetus in the mother’s womb.  This is also termed as Lo Han (Arahat) meditation. In this position,  you are also curling up to protect yourself, a means of psychic defence, while you sleep meditate.  I have mentioned about one method of meditation using this sleeping posture –  Our Skin – The Unusual Sub Chakra (https://psychictavern.com/2016/07/12/our-skin-an-unusual-minor-chakra-2/) […]

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