On Shamanism and the Worship of the Elements

Ever since men roamed the earth, they were overawed by the omnipotence of the elements – fire, water, winds and sun etc, that were inextricably interwoven in their survival and day to day living. The fear of the unknown caused them to worship the elements to plead for peace and co-existence, or enhance their livelihood in farming, fishing and hunting.


The modern civilizations thereafter scoff at their practice and ridicule it as animism. But the practice remains until today in some communities the world over, and the adepts who could connect and communicate with the elements are known as Shamans.


My Master cum close friend jokingly told me that the elements are like police constables who are first to arrive at the scene and render assistance, while the Supremo like their commanders, the like of Buddha, God and Deities are the last to attend to your calling as they have more than their hands full in looking after the grand scheme of things. Bernard was a career police officer before he became a full-time Guru. You are referring to “commanders” in the context of my police men and their OC. The policemen are akin to elements, and the commanders the God, Buddha, Allah and high spiritual entities.



Come to think of it, the elements are in a manner of speaking living organism in energy vibration forms with all the atoms and molecules, according to modern Science. What makes us think they as a collective groups do not have the intelligence, awareness and consciousness that human beings possess. In the realm of religions, we attribute such human related abilities to our Gods, Buddha and Deities.


And, I personally and strongly feel they are not mutually exclusive, but complementary. I am toying with an idea and let my imagination runs wild that the elements in their energy form could muster their abilities by say re-arranging their molecular structure and manifest in human forms. Throughout history of mankind, pictorial representation of the elements had been recorded, and I think this is no coincidence. Just like God is personified in human form in religions. Below is a sculpture of Thor the Thunder God.

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I have a picture of the Sun God worshipped by cave dwellers in the Kunlun Mountains in China some 10,000 years ago. Isn’t it a close resemblance to the Sun Buddha – Maha Vairocana .


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