On Shamanic Practice In Modern Days.

I have been taught some Shamanic practice of invoking the elements.


In my invocation of the elements, in Hindu practice, I chant a specific mantra, call out and pay tribute to the Maha-Deva of the Earth, Fire, Rain, Sea, Stars, Moon, Sun, Mountains, Forest, Trees and Wind to connect to their energies.


In the Taoist fashion, I chant the “Five Thunder ” mantra and plead with 1. Wind, Rain Thunder and Light, 2. Stars, Moon and Sun, 3. Mountains, Rivers and Lake, 4. The 5 elements of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth, and the 5. Buddhism concept Nature – Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, and Ether.


On normal days, whenever I have the opportunity I try to communicate with the elements and feel their vibrations like enjoying the brush of wind, drops of rain, be in the proximity of forest and trees, connect to earth, and brave the heat of fire. My most invigorating experience was when I toured Tibet, I took the chance to literary breathe in the mountains and visualize myself transforming into oneness with them.


I apply the rituals more for consecrating objects and cleansing of houses of negativity.


And, after the invocation I could sense the overall uplift of overpowering and positive energy. If we are in harmony with the Great Nature, the elements will bring us solace and help us in our pleas for help. They are in a way all our friends.


It is my opinion, the level of attainment of invoking the elements come with constant life long practice, maybe over a few incarnations. I am only a novice trespassing into the metaphysical threshold connected with the grand scheme of the universe and have aplenty to learn before I can consider myself as a Master.


By Anthony Leong

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