On Meditation And Insomnia


Searching through my old files,  I have stumbled upon a response to a query from a member in now-defunct MSN room (4/16/2004) discussing how to meditate effectively and how to overcome insomnia and exam worries.

Colour tone of your room –   is it too bright too much yellow or red or orange.  If so,  adjust the color to include bluer for good sleep.  Can have blue wallpaper /pictures with waterfalls kind of scenery if you cannot re-paint the room in time.

You have to orientate your thinking on meditation.  It is not just about making that tremendous effort to sit down and tame your mind alone and end up more frustrated because you cannot quiet your thoughts.  Counting breathes,  following the inhalation and exhalation.  silent reading of numbers from 500 backward,  walking meditate and tracing your footsteps,  mantra chanting,  listening to music…..there are one hundred and one variations of exercises that bring about the calming meditative effect.  All helping you to concentrate on one object of concentration and keeping at bay the multiple wanton thoughts.

On the chanting of mantra,  one of my former students complained that her teenaged son did badly in his studies and had difficulties concentrating.  I was then teaching her the use of Mantra Om Ah Hum meditation and advised her to teach her son the mantra.  Later,  she fed back to me that the mantra had helped her son slept better and helped improve on his studies.

Go to the seaside,  close your eyes and listen to the waves; synchronize your rhythm of breathing with the sounds of wave and for a while, you would enter the meditative state.   Keep on trying with your ingenuity and creativity with the different methods,  and you will get it.   Meditation would raise your power of concentration,  calm your mind and make your effort at studying more rewarding.

I just want to tell a story –  I had a friend,  a powerful spiritualist,  who never failed to irritate me previously when he made me wait for an hour ay his office while he decorated his altar with flowers.   It was only later when I observed the calmness, the patience, and single-mindedness in performing a very mundane act in placing those little flowers on the altar and the images of the deities that I realized he was meditating! (He is my Guru Master Bernard Lim)

Don’t laugh at me if I tell you to take bananas before your examination,  bananas are very rich in potassium which is said to be helpful to our brain.   And,  yes,  stones would definitely help… blue stones as what has been pointed out,  and if you can get an amethyst or a howlite to help you in your sleep by placing them below your pillows.  Amethyst can be placed on your study table to enhance your study ability and concentration,  and eyesight.

Talking about the use of amethyst,  I remember an interesting story that took place during my job interview with the Chairman of a large corporation (Hong Leong) some twenty over years ago.   During the formal discussion,  the Chairman asked me about my hobbies.  When he found out that I collected stones, he actually asked me how the rocks could help overcome his problem with insomnia.   I told him to use an amethyst cluster next to his bed.   While waiting for the outcome of the job interview,  I actually sent him a palm size amethyst cluster through a close friend working as the right-hand man to the Chairman,  without sparing a thought of whether it would help secure the job, or otherwise.  Finally,  I was given the job as an assistant manager special audit in one of the subsidiary companies owned by the Chairman,  who liberally reserved the post for me for six months while I served our my contractual obligations with a Mindef organization.

If you still have room for some exercises,  read my post on the Qigong Breathing method.  If you succeed in this very simplified breathing exercise,  you would reap immense benefits in physical and mental health,  and help promote you to the next higher spiritual level.”   I use the Qigong method of churning my energy from front to back. and reversal,  before I fall asleep.  At times I also use the skin pore breathing method and have the feeling that I continue with it even after I had fallen asleep.


By Anthony Leong

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