On Dream mode during waking hours

I pen my thoughts in furtherance to my previous posts on Lucid Dreaming. I have considered Lucid Dreaming as part of our development towards our quest for spirituality.

My personal belief is that as one develops his lucid dreaming abilities, he is able to maneuver himself into dream mode even during waking hours. I have been doing that. And, to some spiritually inclined individuals, they are able to tap into this realm and harvest it for premonition and divination. They become excellent “readers”.

If we subscribe to the dimensions of the energy realm, lucid dream is like our subconscious mind straying into these dimensions – the astral plane. And, lucid dreaming is a channel through which we experience the astral plane. This explain my hypothesis that as one succeeds in controlling the lucid dreaming process, he could do it deliberately, or unconsciously, during his waking hours, and tap into it for divination, or prophesy purpose, or supposedly communication with the spiritual entities. Most people do that through deep meditation while few could make the instantaneously access as if having an on off switch. All these are done through the thought

Mediums on the other hand are often “lured” by external forces into this virtual dimension, and perform metaphysical feats like fortune telling and spiritual boxing.

By Anthony Leong

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