On Spirituality With or Without the Guidance of Religions.

I am always fond of reminding myself of the energy dimensions.

In a nutshell, Buddha tried to teach awareness so that we could be aware that physical life is transient, and we need to train ourselves to be conscious of the energy dimensions, beyond our physical world, access them, and ultimately attain oneness with the highest order of energy dimension. You can call it Buddhahood, heaven or God realm, whatever you like. For those followers who could not attain awareness leading to enlightenment on their own accord, Buddha also encapsulated his teaching into doctrines – comprising the sutras and mantras, to help them on their path.

Other religions discourage you from self-discovery and promise to alleviate you to heaven with a barrage of their doctrines of what and what-to-do and what not a to-do list.

People have the choice to pursue their own spirituality or leave it in the safe hands of religions to help them achieve that goal.

Or, for me, it could be the hybrid – while striving to develop my spirituality I do not rule out the benefits offered by other religions to guide me along my way. They are not mutually exclusive.


By Anthony Leong

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