My Thoughts On Shamanic Methods


My talk  with my students sparked off my revision on a Shaman linked invocation of the natural elements being initiated to me by my Master Guru, Bernard Lim. He did not teach me directly but merely allowed me to observe how he worked on it during his Puja sessions.

But my attainment of all awareness through my opening of my Crown Chakra,  I am led to the mastery of this Hindu flavored system, and adapt it to the Taoist practice with the Five Thunder mantra.

Bernard uses the mantra : Om SaproDina Sampan Nor (recite 3 or 9 times) before pleading for blessings of 11 elementals – “I call upon the Maha Deva of (1) Earth, (2) Fire (3) Sea (4) Rainwater (5) Stars (6) Moon (7) Sun (8) Mountains (9) Forest (10) Trees And (11) Wind. He actually believes he could move the wind and bring the rain, and I personally witnessed him demonstrating it though the magnitude of this supposedly manifestation is still dubious. He told me he invoked the Maha Deva of the Wind to rid the place of negative spirits. And, he practices and hone in his skill by constantly talking to the elements like walking under rain and feeling the wind brushing against his body. I actually follow his method, to the extent of trying to connect to the elements of mountains during my visits to Tibet, and even Genting, for example.

Later, I adapted the Taoist Five Thunders shamanic manta “五雷, 五雷, 步步相随,身穿铠甲,  头戴金盔, ,吾奉太上老君, 太上老君急急如律令。。。follow with : 有请 (1)风雨雷电, (2)日月星辰 (3)山川河岳 (4)金木水火土 (5)地火水风空, in blessings and asking for biding.

Translation:  ” Five Thunder Five Thunder! Every Step I made you follow me.  Donning a victorious armor, and wearing a gold helm,  I pray to Tai Shan Lao Jun (The grand Taoist Master), and  rapidly reciting my mantra as if it is your divine order…Then I call upon five sets of elements in different forms:  (1) Wind, Rain, Thunder and Lighting (2) The Mountains, and the Rivers  (3) The Sun,  Moon and the Stars, (4) the Five elements of Taoist tradition of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth, and (5) the Buddhist teaching on Earth, Fire,  Water,  Wind and the Ether.

 And, it works as attested to my enchanting of quartz and ascertaining the significant step up in powerful vibration after the incantation.  So, I console myself I need not attend 5 figures courses conducted by some western shaman with dubious credentials.

There is a good explanation why practitioners in Buddhism and Taoism, and Western shamans go into refuge in mountains and forests to be in intimate touch with the forces of nature. Like what Bernard claims, they talk to them and connect with them.

Looking at it another way,  some people may scoff at it as Animism. But,  there is a difference between blindly worshiping the elements and understanding the forces of nature to connect with their unique form of energy vibration.  

This brings me to highlight my fundamental belief that your thoughts are your Master that bring about the gift of connectivity.  At  the supreme level,  your mind can transform, manifest and materialize  and all methods like praying mindlessly  to your God, and Deities become superfluous.  The application of mantra – be it Hindu,  Taoist or Buddhist,  is unimportant once you succeed in connecting with these elements.  You can design your own mantra more to focus on your connection with them.  


By Anthony Leong.



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