My thoughts On praying To Religious Statues.

The reverence we dutifully accorded to those divine beings is one natural method for us to train ourselves to connect with the divine vibrations they symbolize. The statues are mere medium through which we connect, and over time you pick up the nuances of their energy by your steadfast and faithful daily ritual of prayers.

This is not superstition, it is only that if we do not understand the reason behind the daily worship, and blindly chase after them to satisfy our material gain and cravings, it is been scorned upon by others as superstitions.

It’s the same the world over as different culture and civilization have their personification of their spiritual beings, deities and the like, only by different names, all nomenclatures. It is pathetic that men segregating not by geographical locations by language and culture fought against one and another over their claim of proprietary rights over who are the rightful divine spirits.

I always end my prayer sessions with one request which I vocalize as : “Thank you for blessing the World.” Over time, it helps me build up compassion, and open up my heart chakra and enable me to ascend the higher chakra of Throat, Third Eye and Crown. And only on rare occasions, I ask for blessing “Thank you for blessing the world, my friends and my family.”

My Buddha and Bodhisattva statues have a glossy shine forever on their smiling faces, in spite of the fact that dust gathers on the rest of their body. I am connecting with them in their realm of energy vibration, and all the fixation on their mantra, and statues and prayers become superfluous, though as mark of my respect I still persist in going through the rituals into the eternity.

For example, I invoke earth energy with the wave of my hands, and I have been doing this as part of my blessing services for my clients. But, whatever say, the mantra and invocation do add strength to my invocation, like nomenclature.


By Anthony Leong

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