My Ramblings – Did Men Invent Or Discover?

I have been pondering. Mankind has progressed from the stone age to the present modern world, where technology rules the order of the day. In the past, Civilizations flourished and cultural enclaves sprung up in different corners of the world. All these owed their existence and progression to the multiple inventions by men, which saw the humble beginning of the discovery of fire and harnessing it for cooking.
My question is: Did men actually invent things for the battlement of life, out of nothingness? Maybe, I should think from another angle – those men did not actually invent but they “discover”. I work on the premise that the Universe is a vast library of knowledge – in drips and drapes. And clever men just at varying points in time harnessed the loose bits of data and mold them into the cohesive collation of information that enabled them to invent things. Yes, it is the same from the time when men used stones to make arrows to kill, and the present crops of scientists harnessing science to build nuclear bombs that could wreak massive destruction.
Men have the incessant thirst of exploring new frontiers in knowledge and crystalizing it to come up with new inventions. To achieve those objectives, men is no longer following the footsteps of their ancestors of starting everything from the scratch. They have the benefits of a wealthy pool of knowledge and information bank painstakingly accumulated and left behind by their predecessors. That is the reason why schools, tertiary institutions are in place to train successive generations of men to continue with the momentum of coming up with more new inventions or improving upon the existing ones.
Coming to the area of my immense interest in psychic energy, I also examine how human energy was simultaneously uncovered by two great ancient civilizations, India and China, that were isolated by the formidable Himalayan Mountain range a few thousand years ago. The Indian yogi found the existence of prana, and extrapolated on the chakra system, while the Chinese learned about Qi and harness it to heal, forming their basis of TCM that works on the Ying and Yang, and the Five Elements. In the course of time, men who could not explain adequately the natural phenomenon of the intrinsic world of energy have resorted to mystifying it with religions, and or with animism.
It is paradoxical that the great discovery of human life energy has met with much skepticism from most of the present-day scientists. There is yet so much to learn and unlearn in the realm of human life energy, and how to harness it to heal and to perform another bidding.



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