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Over the years, I have observed a disturbing trend of high mortality rate among the financial sector, particularly the life insurance company.   Especially, my personal observation relating to one leading organization reveals that quite a number of the employees had over the years succumbed to terminal cancer,  strokes and heart attacks.

My study of the metaphysics predisposes me to believe that the life-threatening diseases or illnesses might have their origin in the energy bodies of the victims.  Especially, the emotional and mental subtle energy fields that are connected with the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras (linked to the endocrine system),  are most vulnerable.   When an individual continually works under stressful conditions, without the benefits of relieving their work pressure,  or finding time to relax;  when a person harbors negative emotions and feelings over a prolonged period,  he allows blockage to germinate and spread in his subtle energy bodies.   This in effect builds up obstacles to the supply of life nourishing energy to the physical body and weakens the body’s vital organs and visceral system.

Some of these  “go-getter” high flier individuals have been seen not only striving to maximize their performance to remain at the top but also over time cultivating unwittingly or otherwise negative attitude and behavior towards people around them.   For example, they might incline to display social niceties to those who would benefit them, but become impatient and intolerant with those whom they consider as competitors, or individuals unworthy of their attention,  or lower in social status.  To some,  aggressiveness seems to be their favorable behavior in getting what they want most of the times.   Some have been observed to have habitually throwing tantrums,  shouting or writing aggressively to get what they want, for example, when dealing with their colleagues in the administration and support services.    Of course, highly driven professionals in other industries are also equally susceptible to these negative traits which would adversely affect their health over time.

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