My personal experience in using Meteorite Stones



Moldavite raw and ring.

Among the  meteorite stones I have been using, I find Moldavite suit me best .  It is fast reacting,  overpowering in vibration frequency,  and giving off an internal body heat.  I consider it as an internal combustion helping me to ease off those energy blockage in my body.  It is an excellent stone for visualization and manifesting.   My prized possession has always been a ring set with a moldavite gemstone and with some small diamonds to turbo charge the power of the stone. 

Libyan Glass


A close sibling to moldavite is the Libyan Glass, with colour almost identical to  peridot.  It is less responsive than Moldavite but once you activate it ,  it emits the overpowering vibration similar to Moldavite. 






The inexpensive tektite has multiple uses for me.  I use the raw pieces to make my elixir spray – which is highly protective and  cleanse away negative.  When I perform energy blessing on individuals,  I use it to spray over their aura as the first round of cleansing.  I also scatter pieces of raw textile at corners of the house that has suspected haunting, or saturated with heavy negative energy.   I also have talisman in the image of the Earth Store Bodhisattva, or the legendary Chinese Ghost Buster Deity Zhong Kui,  made of tektite  and give them to my friends to hang from the rear mirror of their cars for protection.



Nickel Meteorite Ring              Vajra carved from iron meteorite.

The most expensive meterorite is the iron or nickel meterorite.  The silvery specie are rare and fetch an exorbitant price.  The cheaper version is those that are found mostly in China, and South East Asia,  and they are darker in color.  I do not find them suitable for my purpose as they are heavier and denser in vibration,  probably because of the metallic content.  I am familiar with the energy vibration of the 5 elements – Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth,  and among them Metal and Earth seem to have the heaviest and densest vibration.  I have the premium nickel meteorite in rings and pendants  carved in the image of the Star of David,  and other deities such as the Elephant God.  The cheaper specie, darken in colour, are commonly used to fashion into artifacts of the Tibetan Bodhisattva – the Purba, and the Vajra.

For the meteorites,  I need to consecrate them to cleanse and strengthen them before use. 

Meteorites are recommended for those psychics who wish to progress faster in their path.  For ordinary people,  they are good options for protection. 


By Anthony Leong

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  1. Remember getting a great vibe from a meteorite while visiting a museum. Don’t have a piece myself though at the moment.

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