My home-made Tektite magic Wand

Wand of 10 inches















My homemade magic wand comprising a Herkimer double termination quartz, at the tip, a copper rod, and a raw piece of tektite at the base.

The Herkimer trouble termination quartz has powerful and highly refined vibrations most suitable for thought manifestation. The tektite gallbladder formation at the base provides strong grounding and turbo-charged the property of Herkimer Diamond. The copper rod acts as an excellent conductor between the two formidable stones.


The wand helps turbo-charge my visualization, especially when I perform remote healing and other energy manifestation. By itself, the wand is a strong protector against most negative entities. To prepare for the worst, I could activate a laser beam from the wand to blast at whatever the source of the negative entity.


I have a collection of natural quartz laser wands which I could also use in place of the above tektite wand.

My Collection of Quartz Laser Wands


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