My Further Thoughts On Meditation and Energy Dimensions.

Meditation has always captivated those who desire to pursue a spiritual path.  When a person meditates precisely what does he wants to achieve?   An array of high-sounding terms – mindfulness, awareness or peacefulness come into our minds.  The different schools in religions, especially the Buddhists have their respective doctrines to guide their students on whatever their path.


In my own practice, I recognize meditation does have the benefits of improving our mental awareness, mental clarity.   mental resilience, and mental agility.    The end result is that you are a better person with an enhanced mind to pursue whatever your interests and academic endeavors. Physically, meditation also brings about certain health benefits – especially alleviating those stress-induced sicknesses.


Coming back to my personal experience with meditation, to cut a long story short, I have acquired my own interpretation of awareness.  Awareness comes in two aspects -1.  My ability to pick up knowledge and skill becomes more enhanced.  2.  I positively through prolonged meditation acquire the awareness of the energy dimension.


I have developed the skill set of 1.  Awareness of energy, 2.  Able to move energy with my thoughts.  My awareness of energy eventually extends to the feeling of the various energy sub-bodies that emanate from our physical body, with each of them link to a major chakra. (our 7 major chakras).   The energy sub-bodies are like oval shape forms that overlap and interlace with one and another around our physical body.  Each energy sub-body has its own vibrational frequency in ascending order.  There have been occasions when I deploy my highly vibrational energy sub-body connected to my Crown Chakra to do self-healing.


I am so conversant with the energy realm that I am able to marshal my thought 1. To feel energy faraway, and 2.  Create some energy objects through thought-forms.  An example is my favorite use of the etheric pyramid and energy orbs to do cleansing and blessings.   These look like supernatural feats that supposedly belong to the proprietary rights of high monks and grandmasters but to me, they are attainable through painstaking practice.


Ultimately, I suppose that when a person conscientiously meditates, he learns to access the different energy dimensions starting from his own physical and energy sub-bodies.  So, it is possible for a person to reach higher levels of consciousness and attain not only the awareness of other more refined energy dimensions but also to the point where it is possible for him to reach the legendary realm of Gods.

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