My Experience with Stone Elixirs

Tektite Stone Elixir w Sanitizing Property

Elixirs basically are plain water “charged” with the powerful vibration of quartz and mineral stones to give them the added property of protection and blessings of health, good luck and good fortune. 

I started using tektite infused water long ago – by “soaking” the inexpensive meteorite with power vibration in water to counter negative energy.  The elixirs have been used by me to cleanse not only our physical and energy body but also houses, and objects. I normally supply them to my clients who consult me for resolving the problem of suspected haunting in their houses.   

I also bottle up elixirs with moonstone – said to improve our complexion and slow down aging.  I have also used rose quartz which has similar skin nourishing property as moonstone.  I have used moonstone water successfully to help in alleviating woman’s problems of fibroid cysts.  (Ref: )

To add a zap to these elixirs, I have programmed them with blessings – using Buddhist, Taoist or Hindu mantras.  I double-check the bottled elixirs by feeling for the significant uplift in their vibrations to make sure that they work. 

It is easy to prepare for elixirs.  Just soak the quartz and whichever mineral stones in clean water at least overnight.  Elixirs are not recommended for ingestion but if you need to should make sure stones are thoroughly cleaned.  For example, I boil commercially available moonstone tumbled stones in hot water to remove the wax coating.  Normally, rinsing them under running water for a minute would also work. Soaking them in saltwater overnight before using it as a base for the elixir is also optional.

Some use oil essences – such as lemongrass, frankincense or lavender to give the fragrance and the additional zap in the property. 

I am experimenting on the additional use of these elixirs with alcohol-based fluid to include the property to fight pathogens – bacteria, viruses, and germs, in the wake of the current Wuhan virus crisis.   They could be doubled up as hand sanitizer, or sanitizing of objects like doorknobs and computer keyboards and mouse, apart from the existing metaphysical property.

If you feel yucky about leaving crystal stones directly in water , you may try the indirect method as indicated in pic below. The effect of infusing the powerful vibration of the stones into water is the same as exposing them directly in water.



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