Training To Be A Psychic Clairsentient


Energy core

I practice energy and am  conversant with their vibrational frequencies;  I am consciously aware of its existence around us.   I may be generally classified as a practising  clairsentient –  the ability to sense and feel subtle energy.

It is my core belief that the basic life ingredient is composed of  energy from which all life forms as well as inanimate physical objects originate.  Nobel Prize winning physicists have proven beyond doubt that the physical world is one large sea of energy that flashes into and out of being in milliseconds, over and over again.

I subscribe to the Big Bang Theory,  where energy was exploded and scattered outwards into the Universe,  the denser energy at differing rate of vibration frequency settled down at all   corners and form galaxies,  stars and planets.  To my limited knowledge,  I understand  that  this was how earth and the subsequent life forms evolved.

Over the years I have been fortunate enough to practice and acquire the awareness and connection to the energy realm.  To give an analogy,   it is like being aware of the existence of water,  and learn to swim in it.

In retracing my odyssey to the energy realm,  I began by acquiring the sensory ability to feel the existence of energy through meditation and Qigong exercises. (At times,  it has been suggested to me that I began learning about energy in my previous incarnations.)    My first experience led me to feel  it in my physical body,  discovering the energy flows and blockages.  It is an invaluable  addition to my other sensory abilities to feel sight and sound,  sense and touch and taste, and the temperate of warm and coldness.

The greatest separation between human beings and animals is the all important thought process and our mastery over it.  Next,  I practiced further and was able to marshal my thoughts to move the energy in my physical body,  like churning them upward and downward,  and circulating them backward and forward.

I began to sense and identify the locations of the 7 major  chakras  in my body.   I also acquired control over my sympathetic nervous system by willing my skin pores to open and close as if I could breathe through them.  I began to understand that “Thoughts control the flow of Energy“.

Then,  as I developed myself further through meditation and Qigong,  with the help of stones and crystals,  I could feel energy vibrations beyond my physical body.  I could pick up energy from other people in close proximity.   I could pick up their energy blockages,  their pains,  as I went  near them.   At the same time,  I began to realise  that I could draw upon my though process to  move their energy around their body.  There was once I circulated the energy of a person from front to back,  and he responded by involuntarily swaying his body back and forth.

I also developed the ability to feel energy in my surrounding, and noticed its varying density and intensity  – the densest and disturbing vibration signalling  negativity, and at  the other end of the spectrum the lightness, vibrancy and alluring qualities conveying the presence of positive energy.   Beyond my ability to feel the chakra within my body,  I also began to explore the other out-of-the-body chakras such as the earth chakra,  the soul star and the stellar gate chakras.

I also in the process picked up the ability to feel the different levels of energy dimensions or subtle energy bodies that are linked to our chakras.  Through my mind,  I consciously trace the layers of subtle energy body,  draw them inwards and identify them once they resonate the corresponding chakras.  In this manner,  I could hold my attention to their subtle energy fields,  and deploy their unique vibration frequencies to perform my energisation work  – for healing,  protection,  or empowering purposes.

The more I practiced the more I became attuned to the energy realm, I could tap remotely into it and even manipulate it for the purpose of cleansing and empowering.  I suppose I have succeeded in performing remote diagnosis and healing.

At one point in the practice,  I  picked up the skill in training my thoughts through visualisation to create thought forms such as the etheric pyramid,  orbs and etheric healing hands and fingers.  I deploy these thought forms to perform my bidding – cleansing,  empowering and protection against negativity.  There were many occasions where I was asked to deploy the etheric pyramid remotely to cleanse away negative energy from houses and buildings.

I also attained the ability to connect to many energy dimensions – which include the elements of the earth, fire, water, wind, mountains, the distant stars and planets.  I could even sense the sometimes feeble connections to highly evolved entities such as those commonly revered as Gods, Buddhas or Bodhisattva, Saints or Deva.  To me,  they are all representations of the different higher energy dimensions.    You may call this make believed or delusions, but I am positively and definitively certain that those are my own personal experiences.

The process of thoughts is a majestic medium  that knows no bound.   My sense of awareness and ability to comprehend and understand in-depth knowledge and decode complex information and data  become heightened.  Sometimes,  I have the uncanny feeling that the information I need just fall on my laps without me consciously sourcing for them.  (it is known as Akashic Records)  One adverse side effect is my incisiveness in seeing through other people’s phoniness, hypocrisy  and false facade,  and at times become intolerant to them.

My only problem is that I could not attain full mastery over my thoughts to connect to the higher level  energy dimensions, and I  could not control at ease the amplitude of the energy that I project outwards.  There is still so much room for improvements.

Nothing is perfect,  as I regret that I could not perform other miracles like accurate  divination,  and communicating in real terms with the spirits, and other higher evolved spiritual entities.   And,  I still  do not have the  confidence to perform successful energy healing.

By Anthony Leong


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